Getting an air conditioner (AC) for rent may make more sense if you are renting an apartment since you will be moving around a lot. An additional consideration when renting air conditioners is that the cost of installation and relocation is often included in the rent that you have already paid for the air conditioner. 

Instead of spending a lot of money on an air conditioner, why not use an AC rental service that provides the equipment and handles its delivery and maintenance? As we advance in this article, we will be talking about the advantage of AC rental service. We will also list down some of the best AC rental service providers you can use!

Advantages Of AC Rental Service

1. Excellent Option For Seasonal Needs

What time of day do we need the maximum use of the air conditioner? Without a doubt, we want to shield ourselves from the scorching heat during the summer season. You may quickly rent an air conditioner for a particular season by filling out an online form. 

As a result, renting one is a fantastic option if you do not need an air conditioner throughout the year. It will provide you with a benefit. It will relieve you of the everyday maintenance that your air conditioner demands.

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2. Reduce Obstacles In Work

If the rental air conditioner stops working and cannot be amended or repaired within a reasonable amount of time, or if there is a significant issue, you will not be required to wait for it to be fixed or repaired. 

Most of the time, the rental organization will replace the leased air conditioner with a brand new air conditioning unit on rent, which will prevent your task from being impeded.

3. New AC Every Season

Suppose you are interested in renting air conditioners for each season. In that case, you will always get freshly serviced, high-quality, current air conditioners free of flaws.

4. Maintenance Included

We all know that air conditioners need regular maintenance and are never entirely trouble-free. It must be serviced daily to function properly. With the help of air conditioners, the individual can rest sure that the repair will be done correctly, efficiently, and without causing any inconvenience. 

As a result, if your air conditioner cannot provide cooling, the rental service includes AC gas refill and AC maintenance. It prevents you from forking out an extra sum of money out of your pocket.

5. One-Time Payment

Renting allows you to pay just once for a particular season and enjoy the whole season with no further charges for air conditioner repair or maintenance services.

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Best Providers For AC Rental Service

1. RentMojo

You may hire a car through the first platform on our list, which is accessible on Android, web, and iOS devices. Depending on how long you want to hire the air conditioning, Rentomojo will provide free relocation and upgrades. Its rental services are offered in major cities like Delhi and Mumbai and Noida, Gurgaon, Chennai, and Bangalore.

2. CityFurnish

CityFurnish is another rental business that caters to those who need air conditioning throughout the summer months. Its service is available in Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Bengaluru, among other cities.

3. Fairent

Fairent is undoubtedly more enticing because of its services and the fact that the whole package is included in the monthly subscription fee. You would pay Rs 1,375 per month for a 1.5-ton window air conditioner purchased via this platform, including the installation fee and the stabilizer that comes with the machine.


A large number of clients choose to use an air conditioning rental service. Customers choose to use their bank or a top credit partner due to many AC rental service providers present in the market today. 

Many individuals find that the cost of borrowing is well worth it when compared to the alternative of tapping into their savings and assets or extending the equity in their rental properties.