Jikki Nair is a well-known Indian actress, model, and television personality who was born in Chennai. She is originally from India. In addition to that, she is a budding artist, photographer, and businesswoman. Jikki’s performance in the most current web series, F*ck Buddies, has made her quite the topic of conversation in the entertainment business lately.

The audience members have also streamed the TV show many times after it has been uploaded to MX Player and made available to them. In the article, you will find further information on Jikki Nair, including data about her early life, professional career, and personal life.

About Jikki Nair F*ck Buddies

Fck Buddies is a new Tamil television series that puts a contemporary spin on the concept of partnerships and has been produced by MX Player. The series Fck Buddies, which is produced by the Gold Television Network, explores the post-millennial generation’s more progressive expectations for romantic partnerships.

The plot of the drama series is about a couple that is involved with one another solely because it satisfies their need for sexual intimacy. They don’t want any kind of emotional attachments, financial duties, or caring obligations, but as soon as they make that decision, mayhem ensues as is to be anticipated. Jaytesh Calpakkam and Jikki Nair, who created and direct the show, also have starring roles in the show.

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Jikki Nair: Date Of Birth & Updated Age

Jikki Nair was born in 1990. As of the year 2022, she will have reached the age of 31. On November 9 of each year, Jikki throws a party in honor of her birthday and invites all of her close friends and family members to attend. We were able to determine that her zodiac sign, also known as her birth sign, is Scorpio because of the fact that we know the date of her birth.

Religion, Ethnicity, And Caste Of Jikki Nair

Jikki Nair was born in Chennai, which is the capital city of Tamil Nadu in India. Her parents are of Indian descent. She was brought up in a Hindu household and continues to practice the Hindu religious tradition to this day. At this time, we are unable to determine the caste to which Jikki belongs.

She was born in India and has maintained her Indian ancestry throughout her life. She has nationality of India. Jikki Nair is an Indian citizen who was born and raised in the southern region of the Indian subcontinent.

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Educational Details Of Jikki Nair

Regarding Jikki’s scholastic history, it is safe to say that she finished her schooling before entering the entertainment business and pursuing the path that she has always been passionate about. In order to have an early and fundamentally sound education in a formal setting, she enrolled in the senior high school in her hometown of Chennai.

In later years, she enrolled in Ethiraj College for Women, where she ultimately earned her degree. After that, Jikki turned her attention to her professional life and made the decision to turn her love of acting into something really remarkable.

Career Path Of Jikki Nair In The Professional World

Jikki Nair is also a well-known model and actress in the industry. She began her career in the modeling industry. In addition, she has been the topic of pieces published in newspapers and periodicals. Additionally, Nair has done modeling work for local apparel manufacturers. According to the information provided by IMDb, Jikki was also a participant in the 2018 MX Player series titled “F**k Buddies.”

In this series, she portrayed the role of Jiya. She has also been seen in the show Auto Shankar, which airs on television. Additionally, Jikki is an accomplished photographer.
In addition to being an entrepreneur, she was an exceptional photographer who shared some of her work on social media. According to her profile on LinkedIn, she is also the chief executive officer of The Internet Generation.

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Net Worth Of Jikki Nair

This stunning actress earns her livelihood in the acting industry. In addition to this, she has worked in the modeling industry and the photography industry, both of which bring in income. Jikki has also worked with a number of businesses located in the surrounding area. At the moment, she may be seen residing in Chennai. It is believed that the value of Jikki falls anywhere between one and two crores of Indian rupees (approx.).

Jikki Nair’s Relationships With Other People And Boyfriend

This fantastic actress is known for her warm and welcoming personality. Nair values the time she gets to spend with the people she works with and the friends she has made there. Additionally, she has published a lot of selfies on her Facebook profile for her friends and acquaintances to see.

Jikki does not discuss her past or present relationships or partners. There is a good chance that she is not married (as of August 2022). In addition to this, we are going to investigate her dating life at the moment and come back to you as soon as we can with the results of our investigation.

Physical Appearance & Dimensions Of Jikki Nair

She is a stunning young lady who not only has fantastic physical measures but also a wonderful personality. Jikki Nair weighs 55 kg and has a height of 5 feet 7 inches, which is almost 1.7 meters. She is 31 years old. She has a beautiful body shape and seems to be in excellent condition. Both her eyes and her hair are completely dark.