The Xvideostudio Video Editor is an application for editing videos that is both the most economical and effective. Due to the intuitive design of its user interface, it is widely considered to be one of the best editors now available for Android. By using this editor, you will be able to produce a very remarkable video.

Today we will shed some light on this Xvideostudio Video editor!

XvideoStudio Video Editor: Basic Introduction

A video editor, an editor for video effects, and a converter are all included in editor apk download free. It has a video effect picker that is helpful, as well as an advanced layer view and layers panel, both of which may further assist you in getting the most out of this application.

XvideoStudio.Video Editor APK provides a video recorder and a video editor. You have the option to cut, erase, add, or remove audio from the video, and even convert it into an animation if you so want. You can simply alter your movies to produce results that appear professional in a matter of minutes with the help of video editing application that is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS X.

To put it another way, XvideoStudio.Video Editor APK gives you the ability to get rid of distracting out-of-focus regions, rectify annoying video problems, and create stunning 3D effects.

Features Of XVideoStudio Video Editor

1. Edit HD Videos

Using this application, you may edit high-definition videos and then show the world your editing skills. Whether you’re working on a feature-length film or just filming a short scene in your backyard, this video editing application gives you a wide variety of quality settings from which to choose. As a result, you’ll never have to compromise on what’s important to achieve a smaller file size or a higher frame rate again!

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2. Change Playback Speed

Because slow-motion and fast-motion films are so popular these days, it should come as no surprise that this application gives you the ability to alter the pace at which your videos play in order to get more professional-looking outcomes. This is one of the things that makes an already fantastic application even better in my eyes.

3. Trim & Merge Video Clips

The capacity of this application to effortlessly clip and combine videos is one of its many outstanding capabilities. For illustration’s sake, let’s assume we’re making a movie in segments: after one segment has done recording on our mobile device, all you need to do is open up that clip in the VivaVideo Lite App (for Android) or iMovie for iOS and hit the “cut” button. This will cause the previous clip to be converted into a completely new file, which can then be saved as its own independent project apart from any other clips that may already be in your library.

4. Reverse Video Mode

You can add some very cool effects to your movies by reversing the playback of the video. You have the ability to edit these clips and change them in such a way that it seems as if they are traveling in the other direction. This is a delightful feature, particularly for those individuals who take pleasure in creating animated short films!

By using certain editing methods with material shot in the forward direction but played in the reverse direction, it is possible to give the impression that a movie is a scene from a horror film or a spy thriller when the video is reversed.

5. Remove Audio From Videos

Those individuals who are interested in separating the video and sound from one another or modifying any one of them in some way, shape, or form will find that editor APK is an excellent choice. It’s a great tool that may help you generate creative films more quickly and with less effort.

6. Video Compression

Video Compression Tool editor APK is a very useful app, not only does it offer the user the ability to edit videos on their mobile device, but it also has an option for compressing these files so that they can be sent online or stored in one’s gallery without taking up too much space. This allows the user to send or store the videos without having to delete other content from their device.

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Disadvantages Of Xvideo

  • The use of this application has a number of drawbacks, the first of which is that it does not include features that are as powerful as those found in paid apps.
  • One of the drawbacks of using the app is that it may take longer to review the videos and to make any modifications to the films if such modifications are necessary.
  • It’s possible that the text and sticker overlays won’t always be aligned properly with the video you’re watching.
  • The application is not available for download on Windows-based devices; rather, it can only be done so on Android-based ones.

How To Download XvideoStudio?

The XvideoStudio Video Editor is a free app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

How To Use XvideoStudio?

  • The video editing application resembles Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, and Avid Media Composer in both its appearance and its functionality. You receive a number of different editors for both videos and still images, and you may mix the effects.
  • You also have the option to watch the video on a split screen, which allows you to see how the movie appears in both the foreground and the background simultaneously.
  • Altering your thumbnail throughout the editing process is also possible with this application.
  • The application allows you to share content across all of your devices with a single click.

Is XvideoStudio Safe?

The XvideoStudio app is available for free, but you should be warned that its level of security is not particularly high. However, even though it features a two-step verification method to prevent your device from being stolen, it does not encrypt the whole thing. In the event that you save sensitive information on the device, you should update the password before using it again.


The fact that this application is only compatible with Android smartphones running Jelly Bean is the sole issue that may prevent certain people from downloading and using it. This implies that you won’t be able to access this app if you’re using an older version of Android than the one that’s currently available.

The Video Editor APK is currently in the beta version stage, which indicates that it is possible for the APK to have some errors. You are only allowed to install this application if you have a solid understanding of what you are doing.