On Anna Maria Island, a visit to Bean Point Beach is a must. On an almost untouched beach, a hidden gem offers the most beautiful views of the setting sun. Bean Point Beach was named after George Emerson Bean, who was the first person to settle permanently on Anna Maria Island. Let us know more about Bean Point Beach a little more!

What Is Bean Point Beach?

When you plan to visit Anna Maria Island, one of the most important things you can do is research the many beaches. To have a good time with your family, you may go to Manatee Public Beach or Coquina Beach, or you can go to Bayfront Park to spend some time on the beach while being close to some of the most well-known attractions on the island.

On the other hand, Bean Point Beach is the best spot to go if you want to avoid crowds, spend some time alone, or arrange a romantic evening on the beach with your significant other. The city of Anna Maria on the island’s northern tip is home to the famous beach destination, Bean Point Beach.

Backstory Of Bean Point Beach

George Emerson Bean, the first inhabitant of Anna Maria Island, is honored with the naming of Bean Point. Until not long ago, he had and maintained complete ownership of this land. Consequently, no enormous signs are pointing the way to the peninsula, nor are there any parking spaces that can accommodate large groups of visitors.

When you are in the wilderness, not much stands between you and nature. Instead, it continues to give off the impression that you are on your private beach since there are no traces of civilization in the immediate area. On your vacation, you will witness some of the most breathtaking landscapes, so ensure your camera is ready to take pictures.

In 1892, George Emerson Bean erected his mansion on the northern coastline, which included 160 acres. After he died in 1896, his son took over the management of his real estate, where he had resided and developed the region.

The original structures have been removed, but the beach still bears the name of its namesake. At some point in time, the area was made available to the general public by the Bean estate, and ever since then, individuals have been using the beach.

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How To Get To The Bean Point Beach?

The directions to Bean Point Beach should be the first thing anybody learns about. You will want to make your way to Gulf Drive, which runs the entire length of American Memorial Island, regardless of where you begin your explorations on the island. To our good fortune, the trip won’t be too difficult.

Continue heading north until you reach Pine Avenue and make a right turn onto it. Make a left turn onto North Shore Drive at the first cross intersection. After there, all you have to do is stick on this road for the next 1.1 kilometers (0.7 miles) until you reach the tip of the island farthest to the north.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, you’ll need to watch the entrance. There are a few different ways to enter the beach; you need to keep an eye out for the white signs that indicate the locations of the various beach access points.

Wildlife Found At Bean Point Beach

When you go to Bean Point Beach, one of the first things that will stand out to you is the profusion of different animals. Because there aren’t nearly as many visitors here as on the island’s other beaches, this stretch of coastline has stayed relatively unspoiled. As a result, it’s an excellent location for seeing various species of animals!

Birdwatchers will have a wonderful time at Bean Point Beach, an excellent site for seeing both local species and migratory birds. Herons, pelicans, cranes, crows, eagles, seagulls, and spoonbills are a few bird species you can see here, but there are many more!

If you keep your eyes alert, you may even glimpse some magnificent aquatic life in addition to the birds. Even though they could be challenging to see, it’s not unheard of to come across a group of manatees or dolphins while you’re out on the water. On Anna Maria Island, visitors should be aware that parking laws are aggressively enforced. If it says No Parking, don’t do it.

Except in the case when you desire a ticket. If you must park on the shoulder of the road, ensure your vehicle’s tires are not resting on the asphalt. If there is just 1 inch of snow on the roadway when you return from your walk around Bean Point, you will most certainly find a nasty surprise waiting for you.

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Where To Stay?

Bean Point Beach is the perfect place to see the native flora and fauna, have a memorable picnic on the sand, or watch the waves wash in a while, away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist population. Book a stay in one of our comfortable rentals for as long as you need it if you want to have plenty of time to check out Bean Point Beach and the rest of Anna Maria Island’s attractions.


You’ve been looking for the perfect vacation spot in Florida, and Bean Point on Anna Maria Island is. This is the island and beach for you if you want to experience the natural surroundings of Key West without having to deal with the masses of people.

It is simple to immerse yourself in the Bean Point experience and make the most of your time at the beach. It is a place where one can get away from the clamor and confusion of everyday life. Where you can get away from it all, take your time, and relax while admiring the sights and sounds of the ocean on a white sand beach.