Over the years, there has undoubtedly been an increase in the number of American restaurant chains in Delhi, catering to the expanding middle and higher middle-class customers, possibly because they have less time on their hands and more money.

So, we have compiled this list. You can choose the best American restaurant according to your budget and preference. 

Indian Habitat Center

Indian Habitat Center is one of the oldest American cuisine restaurants in the Delhi NCR, opening its doors in 1965. This American restaurant is one of those iconic American-style eateries. It acts as an inspiration for many other such establishments around the city. 

The breakfast buffet at this American restaurant comes highly recommended and with good cause. It offers a variety of delicious meals, such as the Pierre’s French Toast Combo and the Short Stack. You may participate in various cultural activities and events at the IHC when your breakfast is over or just enjoy the sight of its well-maintained grounds, making eating here a win-win scenario.

Smokey’s BBQ & Grill

Smokey’s BBQ is the place to go if you like barbecue food. Because it is situated in Khan Market, it is on the more expensive side of the spectrum. Though pricey, the investment is well worth it, particularly if you’re searching for a location with a pleasant atmosphere, good cuisine, and aesthetically pleasing design. 

If you look at the labels of these items, you’ll see that Smokey’s is a health-conscious dining establishment. It is assured that visiting Smokey’s would dispel any misconceptions about such food, including the fact that it is not very tasty in the first place.

The American Connection Diner

If you’re a college student looking to treat yourself to a lunch worth every cent, we suggest The American Connection Diner in New York City. This reasonably priced establishment does not shy away from providing generous serving sizes. 

We propose that you sample the Fusilli Marinara and the Golden Butter Waffles to understand the restaurant’s extensive offering better. With its blue and red décor, the restaurant is incredibly Instagram-worthy, so take advantage of the picture possibilities!

Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock cafe is linked with jamming, live rock concerts, drinks, burgers, and even high-priced food and beverage. The good news is that the high-quality meals and live entertainment make this indulgence on yourself a worthwhile investment in your well-being. 

This is a great place to come for a night out with your friends or relax and unwind. Try one of the ‘Greatest Hits’ cocktails, which are, as the name implies, some of the restaurant’s most legendary concoctions, such as the mojito.


Dudley’s is a delivery-only establishment for folks who identify more with FOGO than with FOMO! Because, after all, the authentically delicious American food served at this establishment includes dishes such as the Blue Cheese Lamb Burger, Mexican Mushroom & Corn, and the Chef’s Special Avocado Shake, among others.


Located in the heart of Delhi NCR, Wat-a-Burger is the perfect spot to sample some of the most incredible burgers in the city. It is reasonably priced, comfortable, and provides creative variations on traditional American food. We encourage you to sample the Veg Fajita Wrap, Desi Street Style Burger, and Mutton Seekh Kebab Burger, among others. 

You’ve got a substantial dinner if you combine them with a unique beverage – such as the Bubblegum Shake or the Choco Banana Smoothie! Those who like sweets should not miss out on the Choco Lava Cake or the Plum Cake, both available at this location.