Many people don’t even realize there is an app to control the Apple TV with a smartphone. It will make it extremely simple for you to open applications, and one of the fascinating aspects of it is that you can use the keyboard input on your smartphone instead of the remote control, which is both more convenient and quicker.

If you are one of those who play many games, then the Apple TV remote app could also be helpful for you since it has simple touch controls. You can see additional information on your mobile device if you listen to music on your Apple TV. Swiping up from the bottom of your smartphone displays the control center, which, although a straightforward function, is incredibly time-saving and convenient.

To simplify your daily operations, we will list down some of the best Apple TV remote apps you can use for added simplicity!


Peel is perhaps the most well-known choice among these remote applications, and there’s a good reason for it. To begin, it is capable of functioning either over your local network or through IR as well. No matter what kind of home entertainment setup you have, if you have an Android phone equipped with an IR blaster, you’ll have the highest possible compatibility.

The app may control even your smart home gadgets, such as your Apple TV. Peel is an application that may be used if you are searching for an Apple TV remote app for Android. Peel is the best Apple TV remote app you can use because of its simplicity.


AnyMote is quite similar to Peel, with the critical difference being that it replaces some of Peel’s more TV-focused features with nifty automation hacks. AnyMote is capable of controlling all of your smart devices and gives you the ability to program tasks known as Macros. Macros are essentially command chains that may be sent to numerous devices at the same time.

For instance, if you are ready to settle in for a movie, you may activate a stored Macro to turn on your television, change the station, run an application, and lower your lights. Try out AnyMote if automating tasks and becoming creative with your macros are things that pique your attention. It is no need to worry if you do not know how to connect to the Apple TV remote App since doing so with this app is pretty simple.

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After a recent upgrade, Sure can control practically all of the gadgets in your house; nevertheless, its primary focus is on the entertainment equipment in your home. It can handle media streaming gear and even push local files to the devices it controls. By way of illustration, if you have an iPhone and use Sure, you can stream music, movies, and photographs to a Chromecast. This is one of its more impressive functions.

However, one of the unique features that Sure has is the capability to create backups. This feature keeps you from reconfiguring everything in your house whenever you buy a new phone or switch brands. The converse is also true, which is to say that it is possible to retrieve material that has been stored on a server and play it back on your phone. If you are unfamiliar with utilizing the Apple TV remote app, you should give this a go. It is effortless to use, and it is accessible on mobile devices running Android and iOS.


The AIR Remote may be found on the Google Play store where it is sold. It’s a multifunctional software that gives you management over your Apple TV device from your Android phone. Connecting with typical Android devices that already have built-in support for infrared is possible thanks to the default infrared codes.

The AIR Remote can perform all of the primary operations of traditional remote control, including having left, right, up, down, play/pause, and OK buttons. Additionally, you may access other functionalities by pressing and holding the OK button, much as you would with an Apple TV remote. Support is provided for every major TV maker.

Even more pleasantly, there is a choice on the sidebar to utilize either the swiping view or the traditional remote. You can activate the directions by swiping the screen in the desired direction. Press the screen once to confirm your selection, then tap it again to bring up the menu.

You may download the application onto your Android phone by going to Google Play and selecting AIR Remote Pro for Apple TV. After that, follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation. A pop-up window with the permissions will appear for your review. To go forward with the procedure, click the Accept button.

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Apple TV Remote

This is the best app for controlling your Apple TV from your iPad or iPhone, and it’s called Apple TV Remote. It allows you to do practically everything you may want to do on your TV. Because of this app, you won’t have to get off the couch whenever you want to change the station on the television. There is a strong probability that you will multitask while watching Apple TV, checking messages, composing emails, etc.

You will never have to set down your iPhone again to watch TV because of an Apple TV Remote app. The iPhone will connect with Apple TV, allowing you to exercise whatever level of control you choose appropriately.


The Rowmote app is available for use on iOS-based smartphones. By using this application on your mobile device, you may use it to remotely control the music, video, and presentations that are being played on your Mac device. This is a straightforward utility that cannot be done without it. The only difference is that you use your iPhone to operate all your Apple products rather than a universal remote control.

In addition, it demonstrates that Bluetooth isn’t useless and gives you excellent control over your Apple gadgets. It makes the Apple TV remote easier to use and more reliable. Utilization couldn’t be more refined than it is. Additionally, it has many features and functions that allow you to manage your TV.