As a result of Dax’s easygoing and affable demeanour, as well as his informal and, at times, in-depth conversations with some of the most celebrities and thought leaders of our day, Armchair Expert has emerged as one of the most popular and routinely downloaded pods.

Top 10 Armchair Expert Episodes

Redditors are discussing the best Armchair Expert episodes, and the following are a handful of the ones that are considered to be the best.

1. Dax’s Mom: Laura Labo

If you’re going to create a podcast in which each episode has a different guest, your mother is going to end up becoming one of those guests at some point. Episode 25 has Shepard’s mother, Laura, talking into the microphone, and the episode ends up being one of the most memorable ones ever.

Shepard’s upbringing is discussed openly and honestly between the two, and they express their undying love for one another. That certainly qualifies as cute, don’t you think? On top of that, Shepard’s mother says that he was an unattractive kid, which is a fact that we’re pleased we know now and is a piece of information that we’re glad we know now.

2. Matthew McConaughey

Actor, novelist, and producer Matthew McConaughey is a winner of both the Golden Globe and the Academy Award for his work in the films Dallas Buyers Club, Interstellar, and True Detective.

In this episode of “Armchair Expert,” Matthew joins us to talk about the red and yellow lights in his life that he was able to transform into green lights, as well as the reasons why he enjoys deluded optimism so much and the art of sprinting downhill.

Both Dax and Matthew share the experience of having to negotiate conflict with their respective dads, as well as the realisation that they wouldn’t be who they are now if it weren’t for the love of their moms and the influence of an “any means necessary” culture on their upbringing. Matthew recounts the terrifying events that transpired during his time studying in Australia, and Dax verifies that the two of them do have rhythm.

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3. Jason Bateman

Shepard and the actor and director Jason Bateman are the perfect pair for each other. In Episode 35, the two of them have quite a lot to discuss with one another. They compare their experiences of quitting drinking and remember the times when they were both considered “scumbags.”

It is enjoyable to listen to two long standing friends discover new things about one another, and while you do so, you will have the impression that you already know these people. When they enter the attic, celebrities tend to let their guard down, and this incident is a wonderful illustration of that phenomenon. No pretension, just honesty.

4. Kristen Bell

Naturally, Dax Shepard would invite his wife Kristen Bell to appear on the debut episode of his podcast. Shepard and the actress and singer have been married since 2013, and the couple now shares parental responsibilities for their two children.

The capacity of the pair to talk openly and honestly about the challenges of married life is one of the defining characteristics of their partnership. And you can guarantee that they took that same level of honesty right into the recording studio with them.

There are many awkward situations, but they serve the purpose of showing that Shepard and Bell are simply regular people at their core. No filter is required. Although it was a risky decision for the first episode, the openness of the conversation truly embodies the spirit of the program as a whole.

5. Monica Lewinsky

There is no getting around the fact that an interview with Monica Lewinsky is a hot ticket. Her episode is a very serious one, in which she describes to Shepard and Padman what it is like to be at the heart of a national controversy.

Lewinsky also delves into her background, describing the traumatic experiences she went through in the past and how they have impacted her over the years. The bright side is that she has been able to use what she went through to launch an anti-bullying platform, which she conducts via a nonprofit organisation called the Childhood Resilience Foundation.

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6. Will Ferrell

The historical figure who inspired all three tales Episode 110 of Shepard’s podcast included an appearance by Will Ferrell. This episode is not to be missed because Will Ferrell shares some nuggets of wisdom in it. He discusses how he defies comedy clichés and how much he values being a member of a team.

Not to add, we are provided with the much-required explanation as to why Ferrell attended a Lakers game disguised as a security guard. Ferrell and Shepard provide some top-notch banter in this episode, which is notable for its wit and polished delivery. Even if Shepard is a bit shaken up by the situation.

7. Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis is well-known for maintaining a high level of discretion around her personal life. Therefore, it came as a complete surprise when Shepard finally succeeded in convincing her to do an uncensored interview on the podcast. Her spilling the beans didn’t come without a price, that much is obvious.

Shepard is required to recreate his famous narrative, which involves Jell-O and an STD clinic, in return for Kunis’ description of her upbringing that took place on many continents. It’s interesting to learn about Kunis’s life experiences and how they’ve shaped her viewpoint, but you also can’t miss this Jell-O tale.

8. Kate & Oliver Hudson

It takes a certain amount of intestinal fortitude to invite one’s ex-girlfriend to appear on one’s show. Especially when that podcast is focused on delving deeply into your history as well as your emotions, as is the case here. However, Shepard is not your typical host; he is not afraid to take risks, and so he invites Kate Hudson up to the attic for a visit.

Oliver, Kate’s brother, came along, which turned out to be quite fortunate for both of them. Oliver is the one who brings up most of the uncomfortable relationship material, and it is hilarious to listen to him do it. This is the perfect episode to watch if you want to laugh so hard that it makes you cringe.

9. Seth Green

Friends for a long time During this episode of Armchair Expert, Seth Green and Shepard prove to be great conversation pals with each other. Because they worked together on the film “Without A Paddle” in 2004, the two are comfortable with one another and bring that familiarity to their part.

Green talks about his lengthy career in Hollywood, discussing everything from the very personal film Changeland to the cartoon comedy Robot Chicken that he created for Adult Swim. Green has an extensive repertoire, therefore he can play any part required of him.

10. Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is an actress that has established quite a reputation for herself. It’s a moniker that Dax wouldn’t mind having, especially since he freely says that he wishes he could switch lives with her. In her episode, Paltrow discusses conscious parenting and her relationship to fear, and she does not sugarcoat either topic. Most of it is impromptu and humorous, but Shepard and Paltrow do get down to the meat of some weighty issues. This is an excellent episode overall.