Astrology is an absolute need if one wants to have a joyful and healthy life. You must, however, seek the guidance of an astrologer who can be relied upon and is skilled in their field. Consult with a well-respected astrologer if you want to acquire answers that will put your worries to rest once and for all.

Astrologers make use of scientific knowledge to assist individuals and inform the general public about the most recent developments in this area of study. Numerous astrologers who specialise in Hindu astrology’s many sub-disciplines may be found in India.

The vast majority of them have profound expertise on the topic, in addition to a familiarity with Hindu texts, which enables them to provide precise readings and forecasts. They are also able to address problems for people by providing them with guidance and corrective actions that will assist them in overcoming difficult circumstances in their lives.

Going forward in this article, we will list down some of the best astrologer in Bangalore.

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1. Smt. Shanta Belle

Smt. Belle comes from an illustrious line of astrologers and horoscope-readers. She had a deep interest in astrology, which led her to get a master’s degree in the subject from a well regarded academic institution. This well-known astrologer has been awarded the highest possible prize in the field of numerology.

In addition to that, she has a Gemologist Certificate. Her primary motivation for pursuing this line of work is the desire to improve people’s lives and provide them joy. Smt. Shanta Belle has a reputation for providing precise readings and forecasts. She also recommends straightforward corrective actions to be taken if planetary ailments are present to her many customers as a means of overcoming difficult circumstances.

She provides services in the areas of Vedic Astrology, K P Astrology, Vaastu, Numerology, and Ashtakavarga, all of which are branches of Indian astrology. This well-known astrologer has been engaged in the practice of astrology for the better part of eighteen years. She can communicate well in English, Hindi, and Kannada, all of which are her native languages.

2. Shri Shivaramakrishnan S.

Baksaran Jothida Kalarathna Shri. Shivaramakrishnan S. has had an interest in the occult sciences ever since he was a boy, and he attributes this to the influence of his late father, Shri. M. Sudharssen. He decided to devote his whole life to the study of astrology. He has a master’s degree in Civil Engineering from Anna University, where he also earned his bachelor’s degree in the same field.

This well-known astrologer concluded that Baskaran Astrology, also known as the K. B. System, had a robust basis in addition to a methodology that was founded on scientific principles. He received his instruction in Baskaran Astrology directly from the illustrious creator, Shri.

Thilak K. Baskaran himself. This highly regarded astrologer adheres to the Baskaran System and provides broad forecasts on a variety of topics, including those about one’s health, lifespan, relationships, marriage, professional life, finances, and business. His particular areas of competence are K.P. Astrology and the Baskaran System.

Shri Shivaramakrishnan provides reliable forecasts, which include those on Jupiter, Rahu, and Ketu, as well as those regarding Dasa Bukthi. For those customers who do not have a birth chart, he based his forecasts on Prasna Astrology, also known as Horary Astrology, to get more detailed facts.

Numerology is a branch of astrology, and he is an authority in the field. This well-known astrologer lives in Bangalore, and in addition to being bilingual in English and Tamil, he has 10 years of expertise in the field of astrology.

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3. Guruji Shree B.H. Acharya

Guruji Shree Acharya is descended from a long line of illustrious astrologers, and as a result, his forebears have bestowed upon him a vast and profound understanding of the field of astrology. His interpretations of birth charts and astrological figures are unmatched in their level of precision, and he takes an original approach.

This distinguished astrologer provides answers to the questions that his customers have by making predictions. He offers astrological consultations on a wide range of topics, including concerns of marital compatibility, education, health, and finances, as well as future prophecies and commercial matters.

Guruji Shree Acharya is a renowned astrologer who adheres to several time-honoured practices. He is the best astrologer in Bangalore.