The study of the placements of heavenly bodies like planets and stars in connection to earthly occurrences is known as astrology. This field of study dates back to ancient times. The location of the sun, moon, planets, and other stars in the sky at the moment of a person’s birth, as charted by astrology, is said to have a significant impact on that person’s personality as well as other aspects of their life.

As we advance in this article, we will see the best astrologer in Kolkata.

1. Shri Vikram Sharma

Shri Vikram Sharma began his career as a software engineer in Chennai and Bengaluru, where he worked for a combined total of twelve years before moving on to other endeavours. Despite this, he had a strong interest in astrology, which prompted him to study the topic under a well-known Guru in Chennai.

After that, Shri Vikram Sharma pursued a degree in astrology and eventually worked in the field as a professional astrologer. Both Vedic Astrology and K.P. Astrology are his areas of specialisation. His expertise is very helpful in any of these areas. Numerology, gemology, and marriage counselling are just a few of Shri Vikram Sharma’s areas of expertise.

This knowledgeable Astrologer provides excellent solutions for addressing a wide range of problems, as well as a variety of Yantras to choose from. He can provide precise forecasts on issues relating to one’s health, education, and professional path. This extraordinarily skilled Astrologer has been practising in the area of Astrology for a total of twelve years. He is completely proficient in both Tamil and English. He calls the city of Chennai his home.

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2. Ms. Debanwita Sen

In a very short amount of time, Debanwita Sen, a computer engineer, has made a significant contribution to the field of astrology. She has been in the industry for six years and has a remarkable amount of skill. People find her internet forecasts to be astonishingly accurate, and as a result, she has scaled the heights of success in a very short amount of time.

Ms. Sen has a remarkable capacity to direct individuals in the proper direction about their schooling, careers, marriages, and financial situations, amongst other spheres of life. Her experience in computer engineering provides her with an advantage in doing exact mathematical calculations, which in turn enables her to make accurate forecasts.

Ms. Sen has been given invitations to attend astrological seminars throughout India and is now doing studies to become a Jyotish Rishi via the All India Federation of Astrologers Societies. Her online presence includes a significant number of blogs and videos hosted on YouTube. Both astrology and palm reading are areas of competence for her. This very gifted Astrologer is based in Kolkata, and he can communicate well in English, Bengali, and Hindi.

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3. Dr. Sohini Shastri

The title of “Best Astrologer of 2019” was bestowed to Dr. Shastri. Her notoriety precedes her not just in Kolkata but also across the whole of India. After earning her undergraduate degree from Kolkata University, she continued her education and earned a master’s degree from a well-regarded institution. She has a diploma in public administration from one of the top universities in the country.

Dr. Sohini Shastri’s ability to read palms is quite remarkable. Vedic Astrology, Vaastu Shastra, Numerology, Palmistry, and Tantra Sadhana are some of the areas of expertise that she has. Vedic Astrology, Gemstone Discussion, One-Time Consultation, Consultation Report, Kundali Matchmaking, Remedial Horoscope, Numerology Report, and Palm Reading are just a few of the Services that Dr. Shastri Provides for Her Clients.

Her incredible forecasts and home cures have shown to be quite effective in resolving problems relating to school, careers, health, marriage, and legal challenges. Dr. Shastri has been honoured with a great number of distinctions. She lives in Kolkata.