It’s possible that unwinding on one of Michigan’s stunningly beautiful beaches is one of the best ways to spend your summer. The beaches have something to offer everyone, from rocky coasts to beautiful sands, from bustling boardwalks to secluded islets.

Most of the beaches are located along the blue waters of Lake Michigan, which are known for their high level of clarity and ability to provide a pleasant way to cool down.

Top 8 beaches in South Haven

In this article, we will see some of the best beaches in South Haven that you need to explore!

1. Saugatuck Dunes State Park Beach

With a length of more than 2.5 kilometers along Lake Michigan, the Saugatuck Dunes State Park Beach is a secluded area of land. The park and beach are only open during the day and have freshwater coastal dunes over 200 feet tall. Additionally, the terrain ranges from gentle hills to steep slopes, making it a site that is both entertaining and exciting to explore.

Beachgoers looking to commemorate their time in Michigan may pick up souvenirs at one of the various eateries in the immediate area or have a meal at one of the many local restaurants. Boating on Lake Michigan, having a picnic in the lovely surroundings, and trekking the scenic trails are some of the activities that may be enjoyed here.

2. Lake Michigan Beaches

Grand Haven State Park Beach is a state park that spans 48 acres and is located in Grand Haven, Michigan. It offers visitors a breathtaking vista and beach access to Lake Michigan, the Grand River, and the port. Various activities, including swimming and fishing on the pier and picnicking in designated picnic spots and shelters, are available for guests to enjoy at the park.

A boardwalk can be found close to the port, lined with eateries and stores selling beach-related souvenirs, knickknacks, and essentials. Other site features include:

  • A children’s playground.
  • A network of hiking trails.
  • A contemporary camping area that features a ranch house with three bedrooms is referred to as the Grand Haven Lodge.

The majority of the rooms in the lodge offer breathtaking views of the lake and the lighthouse.

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3. Copper Harbor

At the end of the 18th century, the Pittsburg and Boston Mining Company started extracting copper from the local mines and transporting it out of the area. The company made use of the harbor to transport the copper. Currently, recreational activities take up most of the harbor’s activities, such as the operation of a ferry that links northern Michigan to Isle Royale National Park.

Copper Harbor Beach is located just opposite the lighthouse, where guests may unwind on the beach’s pebbled coastline and refresh themselves in the clear waters. The beach is quite photogenic and provides plenty of possibilities for guests to take memorable images home from their time spent at one of Michigan’s many beautiful beaches.

4. Grand Haven

The downtown section of Grand Haven, located on the shores of Lake Michigan, has not one but two breathtaking beaches for its visitors. The two red lighthouses’ beaches in South Haven are within walking distance from Grand Haven City Beach and Grand Haven State Park. Both parks provide a broad selection of services to keep you comfortable throughout the day.

Users with mobility equipment have convenient access to the shores of Lake Michigan because of the broad walkways that have been constructed. These expansive sandy beaches have volleyball courts, picnic tables, and other fun things for children. Additionally, the beaches at Grand Haven are accessible to those using wheelchairs.

5. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore Beaches

It has been said that the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lake Shore is one of the most beautiful destinations in the United States, and it is situated within 35 miles of the breathtaking beachfront of Lake Michigan. There are other public beaches tucked away amid the dunes; see our Guide to the Best Beaches in Sleeping Bear Dunes for information on our picks for the best beaches in the park.

Imagine waters that are crystal clear and azure blue, as well as beaches with soft sugar sand for lounging, endless hiking and bike routes that are ideal for exploration, and dunes that are 450 feet high. Access to the Lake Michigan coastline is made possible by providing accessible Track Wheelchairs inside the park, allowing visitors of all abilities to enjoy the dunes.

You can view the Manitou Islands at a far distance from about every place along the beach. A passenger boat provides access to both North Manitou Island and South Manitou Island, and Leland, which is close, is the location of the ferry.

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6. Lexington

The sleepy and picturesque village of Lexington, located on the sandy beaches of Lake Huron, is an excellent location for taking it easy and unwinding during the whole summer.
The beach at Lexington State Harbor is just a short distance on foot from the central business district of Lake Huron, and it has a walkable pier that extends out into the glistening blue waters of the lake, in addition to a playground and bathroom facilities.

It’s a quick trip from the Detroit metropolitan area to Lexington, packed with adorable boutiques, delicious ice cream shops, and wallet-friendly eateries. The central business district of Lexington has the relaxed and laid-back atmosphere of a vacation town. As you travel north along the shore of Lake Huron on M-25, you will come across roadside parks with peaceful, isolated beaches and expansive views of the lake.

Travel a little farther north to the harbor villages of Port Sanilac and Harbor Beach on Lake Huron. While you’re there, spend some time seeing how tranquil and lovely these pure Michigan communities are.

7. Lake Michigan Beaches

Over one hundred sixty-six campsites are placed on a cliff at Orchard Beach State Park, which has a spectacular view of Lake Michigan. This park is an outstanding location. A stairway has been constructed to provide campers access to the beach below the cliff. The upgraded campground has a small lodge, two separate bathroom and shower structures, and two paved sites specifically designed for campers with disabilities.

In addition, there is a bigger space that may be reserved for gatherings such as get-togethers and conferences. Visitors can participate in various activities, such as hiking on self-guided trails, picnics, swimming, fishing, and cross-country skiing during winter.

8. Rogers City

Rogers City is well-known for its significant contributions to the development of Michigan’s shipping sector and the fishing and water recreation histories. It is also known as Nautical City and the Salmon Capital of Michigan. The Port of Calcite is the world’s biggest open pit limestone quarry, and visitors not only get to relax and explore the beaches and be close to one of the major shipping ports on the Great Lakes.

On the recently installed lit fishing platform in the harbor, guests can reel in some fish and some rays. Because Rogers City plays home to two salmon fishing contests each year, visitors interested in competing in one should consider this when making travel plans.