Cricket has been one of the most popular sports in India for several years, and fans enjoy participating in it in any way they can, whether by watching live matches, participating in fantasy sports, or playing mobile apps.

You may be looking forward to forthcoming matches and tournaments. Meanwhile, you may be interested in experiencing the high-octane excitement of cricket matches via the medium of cricket games.

Here are some of the best cricket games that you can download and play to kill your time!

1. World Cricket Championship 3

The World Cricket Championship 3 (WCC3) provides a realistic take on the sport of cricket with easy-to-use controls, expert commentary, and support for multiplayer matches. In addition to this, the game includes real-time motion capture of cricket players and the ability to create your venues.

Commentary from industry experts such as Matthew Hayden, Isa Guha, Aakash Chopra, Abhinav Mukund, and Venkatapathy Raju may be found on WCC3. The game features an all-new Career mode in which you may establish and manage your very own squad from the ground up. The National Premier League 2022 will feature improved teams and players in preparation for the next edition of the Indian Premier League (2022).

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2. Sachin Saga Cricket Champions

You have the opportunity to take control of Sachin Tendulkar, who begins his career in Sachin Saga Cricket Champions at the age of 16 years old. You will compete in illustrious cricket matches in the very same venues as he did.

Additional game modes include One-day, Twenty20, Test, Premier League, domestic, and World Cup competitions respectively. It has high-end visuals as well as animations that were caught in motion.

3. Real Cricket 20

Real Cricket 20 strives to give a realistic simulation of the sport of cricket with the inclusion of real-time multiplayer modes. These modes include 1v1, 2v2, and co-op, and they also allow you to spectate the live matches of your friends.

You have the option in Real Cricket 20 to choose your batting style, which may range from defensive to balanced to radical to brutal, and each style has its own set of distinctive hitting strokes. In addition to that, it has the Real Cricket Premier League, in which users may take part in an auction to acquire players and then manage their club.

4. World Cricket Battle 2

The My Career option, T20 cricket leagues, and real-time batting multiplayer are included in World Cricket Battle 2 and other game modes. The T20 Cricket Premier League auctions in this game are quite similar to those seen in Real Cricket 20, and they allow you to become a franchise owner and control a club.

World Cricket Battle 2 also has dynamic weather, which means that a match may be halted due to inclement weather, in which case the winner will be determined using the Duckworth-Lewis method.

5. WCC Rivals

The following wave of multimedia companies has recently released multiplayer cricket games for Android. The mobile application may be downloaded and used without cost from the Google Play store. WCC Rivals is reportedly the first ever 2v2 multiplayer mode in a cricket video game, as stated by the developer. Participate with up to two other friends or strangers.

The game offers a real-time Cricket 1v1 Multiplayer mode that can be played on mobile devices. While you are at bat, the other players can bowl in real-time. Another one of the nicest things is that you can organize and run your cricket competitions. This video game takes up around 161 MB of space on your computer.

6. Big Bash Cricket

The KFC Big Bash League, a domestic Twenty20 event that is contested in Australia throughout the summer months, served as the inspiration for the Big Bash Cricket game app. The mobile app is practically identical to the actual game in every respect. The file size of the game is around 240 megabytes, and it may be downloaded for no cost at all.

Take on the role of your favorite player for the BBL or WBBL team of your choice at their home stadium and play genuine shots. You will feel as if you are a part of the action more than ever before thanks to the game’s realistic animations, user-friendly controls, and enhanced player likenesses. Authentic graphics imply that you’ll truly want to celebrate that six that you smashed or the wicket that you fought so hard for.

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7. IPL 2020 Cricket

The Indian Cricket Premier League has solidified its position as the best cricket game available for Android users, having racked up more than one million downloads on the Google Play Store. It is important to take into account that the game has received a perfect score of 4.0 out of five stars on the Play Store. Participating in the contest are all eight IPL teams.

In addition to the standard matches, the players also can access a variety of other challenges. Android users can access two different game modes in IPL 2020 Cricket: Super Over Target and Super Over Chase. These modes allow users to compete against other people in brief matches. The victors are even awarded some complimentary prizes.

This video game is 42 megabytes in size. In general, the storage capacity of every smartphone running the Android operating system is at least 2 gigabytes. Therefore, this game is more accessible than the others in the series.