The first thing that comes to mind while talking about Harvest Moon is managing the farm. Although the game consists of many other aspects and details, farm management used to attract everyone to play Harvest Moon. 

Harvest Moon has always allowed players to do things at their speed and develop their image of the ideal agricultural environment. Even though the series is technically still active today, the original Harvest Moon had to be renamed “Story of Seasons” due to a legal struggle with the publisher.

So, if you are looking for the best Harvest Moon alternatives, you are at the right place! We have listed the best games like Harvest moon that you could play right away:

Top 6 Games like Harvest Moon

1. Travellers Rest

Take the old Harvest Moon games and transport them back to the medieval era, where the player is in charge of a tavern full of thirsty customers. You’ve got a decent notion of what Travellers Rest is all about.

As part of your tavern’s customization and expansion, you’ll also manage a farm and cultivate connections with the locals and level up your character’s experience.

2. Valheim

You wouldn’t expect a survival game to be on a list of titles like Harvest Moon. Still, Valheim is an amazing game with enough characteristics with Harvest Moon to warrant inclusion. For example, farming is essential for long-term survival in Valheim since you must have food to prevent starvation.

3. Staxel

At first appearance, you may think Staxel is a Minecraft farming mod, and you’d be excused for thinking so. Aside from the visuals, you physically construct and modify your farm utilizing a voxel-based editing tool. 

Staxel carves out a distinct niche by concentrating only on farming and role-playing, providing a more relaxed, combat-free alternative to Minecraft’s survival-based gameplay. 

When you’re not spending your time trying to rebuild an ancient farm, you may unwind by socializing with your new neighbours. You can also do missions and go fishing in the surrounding area. 

Like the best games in the genre, Staxel allows you to collaborate with real-life friends online to share agricultural tasks or become neighbours.

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4. The Sims 4

A discussion on life simulation games would be incomplete without mentioning the series that has dominated the genre’s most popular titles; The Sims. And thankfully, the most recent edition in the series, The Sims 4, is a true progression of the foundation built by the genre’s original game, which was released over two decades ago.

5. Farming Simulator 19

If maintaining a farm is your favourite aspect of Harvest Moon, and you don’t care for the town’s charm or the romantic themes, Farming Sim 19 should be the game for you. You’ll get the most realistic farming experience you’ll ever have in a video game in this game.

You’ll also be able to choose from a diverse collection of community-made modifications. Farming Simulator 19 provides a realistic farming experience that will let you unwind after a hard day at the office.

6. Graveyard Keeper

Suppose you like your management simulations with a side of morbidity. In that case, you may stop scrolling and go ahead and get Graveyard Keeper right now. When you look at Graveyard Keeper’s 16-bit visuals, you can immediately see the Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley influences in the design. 

As an alternative to maintaining a farm and getting married, you dig up graves and participate in witch-burning ceremonies. If you like gritty gameplay, Graveyard Keeper is the game for you!

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Invest Your Time In The Best Games Like Harvest Moon

If you’re looking for Harvest Moon-style games, there are plenty of comparable games to keep you occupied. These games took over Harvest Moon after it got rebranded as Story of Seasons.

We have listed the best Harvest Moon alternatives that we could find that could satisfy your itch for playing a Harvest Moon-style game.