Indian pop lovers are going gaga over K-pop groups. Why shouldn’t they? K-pop groups come with some of the most pleasant tunes. But many Indian pop groups sound as good as foreign K-pop groups. 

Great vocalists and new talent formed bands are making independent music in India. Bollywood music and free internet downloads have rendered these bands obsolete. Here are some of the best Indian bands that have replicated the fame of K-pop groups!


In the world of heavy metal, Euphoria is one of those bands that has endured the test of time and is still active today. The band’s most recent single was released on June 21st, 2016. Palash, the band’s lead vocalist, has been with them since their inception in 1988. In Delhi, he started the bar with a group of his buddies. 

Dhoom, Phir Dhoom, Mantra, and more albums are available. Some of the music, such as Maaeri and Mehfuz, are still fresh in our minds.

Bombay Vikings

The Bombay Vikings were founded in 1994 by Neeraj Shridhar, who was joined by Mats Nordenborg and Oscar Soderberg as co-founders. In particular, it specialises in remixing classic Bollywood songs such as Kya Soorat Hai, Chhodh Do Aanchal, Woh Chali, and Hawa Mein Udata Jaaye, among others. 

The songs and their accompanying videos were a hit with the crowd. As time went on, the band’s founding members moved on, and Neeraj brought in new members to keep the band going strong.

Colonial Cousins

Hariharan, the main vocalist of Colonial Cousins, and Leslie Lewis, the composer, came together to make a renowned partner in the music industry. They began working in 1992, combining Indian and Western music styles. 

Since forming their partnership, the two have collaborated on jingles, albums, live events, and playback singing and are currently pursuing a career in cinema music composition. Many people point to this duo as an example of fusion done correctly, where Hariharan’s deep and free-flowing vocals and Leslie’s inventive jazz arrangements elicit a wide variety of emotional responses from listeners.

Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is widely regarded as one of the best bands to have emerged from India and one of the country’s pioneers of fusion rock. This band, formed in New Delhi in 1990, reached its zenith a few years ago with popular songs such as Bandeh and Bandeh (Film: Black Friday, 2004). 

The band’s well-known bassist, Rahul Ram, has provided his voice to several films, including Gulaal and D-Day. Song titles such as Sone ki Nagri (16/330 Khajoor Road, 2011), Kandisa (Kandisa, 2000), and many more are worthy of notice.


This band, which is relatively new to the Indian music scene, has taken the international music scene by storm, even though they are from the country. The band, formed in Kochi in 1996, is known for its innovative blend of rock and Indian Carnatic music. 

If you haven’t heard them before, you should give them a chance. Disillusioned (2001), Fields of Sound, Broken, and Maktub are some of the songs that need to be mentioned (Maktub 2008). Music can transcend our physical selves; you will undoubtedly experience this after listening to Motherjane.