The Android operating system is well-known for having several hidden features and Easter eggs. One example of this is the ability to access a variety of secret applications and settings by utilizing custom dialer codes. Some of these codes are universal, which means that you will obtain the required result on any Android smartphone, regardless of whether the handset in question is an expensive flagship model or a low-end budget model.

Today, we will have a look at what are MMI codes and the best MMI code list.

What Is A MMI Code?

An MMI code is any code that you type on the keypad of your phone that includes an asterisk (*) or a hash (#) character. When attempting to access a certain menu on an Android smartphone, you will need an MMI code, also known as a Man-Machine-Interface code.

Some MMI codes may be obtained for free from network providers, while others are included right within the algorithm of the device or the BIOS itself. While others are depending on their networks. This indicates that to utilize these MMI codes, your Android device has to be linked to a cellular network to function properly.

Now we are going to have a look at some of the MMI codes that are the most exciting.

1. 27673855# – Wipe Your Device and Reinstall Firmware

You may delete all of the information stored on your Android smartphone by using this security code, which is one of the most powerful ones available. Imagine that you are doing a factory reset on your phone.

If you enter this code on your dialer and then execute it, it will essentially erase all of the data on your phone and reset it to its original state. This code goes one step further than the others since it also reinstalls the firmware, which means that the program will function just as well as if it had been freshly installed.

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2. ##7780## -Run A Factory Reset

This is the next best thing to doing a hard reset if you do not choose to do so. This code, which is very similar to a factory reset, will simply remove all of the application data and any programs that are currently stored on your device. After that, it will reset your gadget to the way it was when it was first manufactured.

This is the ideal choice to make if all you want to do is clear out any personal data, programs, and app data from your smartphone without going into the trouble of resetting it and reinstalling the firmware. Because of this, it is excellent for protecting your privacy if you want to sell your phone in the future.

3. *#06# -Check IMEI Of Device

This is another significant code that you may use to determine whether or not the IMEI of the device matches the one that is listed on the packaging. You should be able to find the IMEI written on the back of most new cell phones, but if you want to be certain, you may use this code to verify it.

The IMEI may be obtained by opening the dialer, entering the code, and then pressing the return button. When you do this action on a Samsung Android handset, the serial number of the device will also be shown on the screen. This is essential for ensuring your safety, particularly if you are purchasing a gadget that has already been used.

4. #0# -Activate General Test Mode

If your Android phone isn’t functioning correctly, then It is reasonable for you to suspect that it is being tampered with by a third party. If you enter this code into your Android smartphone, it will display a plethora of various capabilities.

If you have reason to believe that your device has been modified at the root level, you may use this mode to test the functionality of its specific capabilities. Each part, from the operating system version to the front-facing camera, is capable of being tested independently.

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5. ##232338## -Shows The Media Access Control Address

The Media Access Control address, more often referred to as the MAC address, is an address that is exclusively allotted to every device. It is essential since it may be used to do a one-of-a-kind identification of a computer even though it is linked to a network. If you are unsure whether or not the device is engaging in MAC spoofing, you may check the MAC address shown on the device and compare it to the one used on your network to make sure it is accurate.

6. ##49862650468##* -Very Important Data Regarding The Firmware

This code is essential since it returns essential information connected to the firmware information of the device. The code gives information on the software, the PDA, the phone, and the hardware, as well as the RF call date, also known as the manufacture date. You may use this code to verify the firmware information on your device if you are suspicious that someone has tampered with the firmware that is installed on it.

7. ##7594## -Chane The Power Button Behavior

You may use this code to alter the operation of the power button if that’s something you wish to do. Rather than needing to press the power button and then make a selection from the Power Menu to switch off your phone, you may instead use this code, which allows you to turn off your phone without displaying the Power Menu at all.

When you are in a potentially dangerous scenario and need to rapidly turn off your device, having this code on hand may be of great assistance. Your information will remain secure if the device is lost or stolen since it will need a passcode the next time it is turned on.

8. #3282727336*# -View System And Storage Information

You will need this vital code to read information about the system and the storage. Using this code will also allow you to observe statistics linked with the use of data. Although it is difficult to fake such data, it is nonetheless possible to do so. You will be able to get precise information on the internal Android system on the device as well as the storage space that is accessible if you execute this USSD code. When you use this code, the amount of data that has been used by the device will also be shown on your screen.