Disney+ expanded the library of brand-new original series and movies after acquiring the streaming rights of Marvel and Lucasfilm. Also, it provides the viewers with a lot of HBO originals.

Top 8 movies on Disney to watch

This extensive guide tells you about the best movie on Disney that you can binge-watch this weekend!

1. Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings

  • Shang-Chi introduces an unambitious protagonist in the form of Shaun, a valet driver in San Francisco who adopts a purposefully vague identity. Shaun is content to live a low-key existence with another slacker named Katy.
  • The life of crime that his father Wenwu lived as the leader of the Ten Rings, a sinister gang that “toppled nations and altered the course of history” with the assistance of some super-human strength-creating and immortal life-bestowing bracelets, is not one that he would choose for himself.
  • Throughout the film, Shang-Chi gradually assumes the role he is destined to carry, becoming one of Marvel’s most influential and utterly endearing characters. Shang-Chi stands out as a beautifully original variation on the formula that is well worth your time and could be any Marvel movie. Still, it is most definitely worth your attention.

2. Turning Red

  • Mei, a Chinese-Canadian girl of 13 years old who is shown growing up in Toronto in the early 2000s and whose voice is provided by Rosalie Chiang, is the protagonist of Turning Red. Everything seems normal, except when she gets aroused or stressed out, she morphs into a gigantic red panda.
  • It turns out that this is a family curse that affects the women in Mei’s lineage, but there is a method to limit it. Unfortunately, the only time the ritual may be conducted coincides with the night when her favorite boy band is doing a gig.

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3. Logan

  • One may argue that Logan is the most impressive entry in the X-Men film series. The fact that it has a stricter R classification than the previous movies in the series enables it to be more violent, but that is not why it is so enjoyable.
  • It’s good because it’s a neo-Western where Logan has to figure out if his life is more than the violence he’s dealt with and if he’s capable of being a caretaker and protector rather than an enforcer as he, a sundowning Professor X (Patrick Stewart), and a young girl (Dafne Keen) go on the run from evil forces.

4. The Lion King

  • It’s not hard to see why “The Lion King” is considered by many to be Disney’s most essential and successful work to date. The magnitude of the stampede scene, the solemn quality of James Earl Jones’s voice, the song “Circle of Life,” and the overarching ideas of legacy and self-sacrifice all contribute to the sensation that everything about it is enormous.
  • We thank God that Timon and Pumbaa come to the rescue just as things are about to reach an intolerably dismal turning point. From the enormous plains to the seething green lava of Scar’s lair, the plot is an epic that has been portrayed on such a beautiful canvas.

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5. Toy Story Trilogy

  • Pixar instantly established a reputation for being the studio most preoccupied with audacious ideas. Their very first film, Toy Story, introduces the concept that all of your toys are alive and will escape from your room if you turn your back on them for a moment. Instead of giving children terrifying dreams, it was rather adorable.
  • As a result, the production company continued pushing and pushing until they arrived at Toy Story 3, where Woody and Buzz Lightyear were forced to confront their death after being tossed into an incinerator along with rubbish. There are some very demented masterminds behind this operation.
  • Pixar has been a dominant force in the animation industry thanks mainly to the success of the films Toy Story and Monsters, Inc., both of which were released very early in the company’s history. The peculiar assumption it rests on has philosophical and moral foundations, topics that adults may ponder and analyze until they are blue in the face.


  • WALL-E was a significant bet for Pixar, whose extraordinary streak of hits fell inside a very restricted spectrum up to that point. The film began with 45 magnificent minutes in which there was practically no speaking. WALL-E is deeply rooted in the domain of children’s imagination, yet, writer-director Andrew Stanton moved the celebrity voices away from the film’s focal point to make clear that he was aiming for something fresh and original.
  • In a post-post-apocalyptic world, humans have gone into space and left behind an army of machines to clean up the place. It has been 700 years since much progress has been made, and even the devices have fallen into ruin, except one: a rusted trash compactor the size of an ottoman named WALL-E who is still honoring his directive pining for a lost world.
  • When WALL-E first encounters a shiny white probe with the name Eve, the two begin a hesitant relationship that, much like the rest of the movie, develops with very few words.

7. Hidden Figures

  • Hidden Figures is an excellent choice for a film to watch with your children or other family members if you are searching for one that is both fun and educational. The film is based on an actual event and tells the tale of three African-American female mathematicians who played an essential role in the problem-solving at NASA that prepared the way for the United States to dominate the space race.
  • The video covers how these women endured difficulty and bigotry at every step, regardless of their aptitude or competence. It shows how they could stand firm even though they had to overcome these problems.

8. Rogue One

  • Because this movie takes place precisely before the first film’s events, director Gareth Edwards offers a degree of tactile reality that has been absent in the Star Wars movies since the original trilogy. This may be apt, considering the movie takes place before the first film’s events.
  • Rogue One demonstrated inherent value in some of these side stories and paved the way for the success of the similarly in-between Disney+ original series The Mandalorian. The film featured dazzling visual effects and a cast full of wonderfully diverse talent, and it was also responsible for leading the way for the success of The Mandalorian.