When it comes to your children, you must discover methods to keep them occupied and interested, so they do not run wild around the home. Thanks to different streaming platforms, you can always keep your kids occupied with various movies and TV series.

Top 10 movies for kids to watch in 2022

We have shortlisted some of the best movies for kids that your kids will love immediately!

1. Rescued By Ruby

Streaming on Netflix

There is a particular allure to movies that examine the unique bond between humans and their canine companions. As members of a K-9 search and rescue team, the human and canine protagonists of the film Rescued by Ruby see one another as their final opportunity to find acceptance and meaning in their lives. This gives the movie an added emotional resonance, and it’s one of the reasons why it’s such a powerful movie. Although some aspects of the story’s storyline may be predicted, the acting from the human actors, in combination with the sentimental character of the narrative, makes this film a worthy homage to the beautiful bond between people and their canine companions.

2. Hotel Transylvania: Transformania

Streaming on Amazon Prime

After being delayed from last year’s Halloween celebration, the next Hotel Transylvania movie turns things on their head: Dr. Van Helsig invents a gadget that transforms humans into monsters, and then he transforms Johnny into a monster himself! They must find a means to switch back before they become caught moving in that direction. You’ll be able to watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

3. Turning Red

Streaming on Disney+

Turning Red will undoubtedly be considered one of Pixar’s many other award-winning and critically acclaimed films. It follows the story of a young Canadian girl who realizes she has inherited the magical link with the red panda that has been passed down through her family for generations.

The film had all of the enchantment that one expects from the studio. The dialogue is brilliant and just as significant; it investigates the kinds of serious subjects that audiences have come to anticipate from Pixar. These issues include mother-daughter relationships, the struggles of puberty, and the experience of being an immigrant.

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4. Minions: The Rise Of Gru

Streaming on Amazon Prime

The bizarre backstory continues with Gru and his yellow companions, who are very few. This time, “the Cru” faces the Vicious 6, a collection of supervillains who refuse to allow them to become a part of their organization. The atmosphere is complete with a soundtrack handpicked by Jack Antonoff, including covers performed by some of today’s most talented musicians.

5. Chip’ N Dale: Rescue Rangers

Streaming on Disney+

It seems as if we are living in somewhat of a golden period for live-action remakes of classic Disney films, but Chip’ n Dale stands apart since it is a remake of a television show that was not very well known. In addition to being a highly brilliant movie, it makes sly jokes at Disney’s expense throughout the story.

It is yet another demonstration of the studio’s capacity to use its assets extensively to maintain its role as an entertainment provider to new audiences and millennials who feel nostalgic about their younger years. Additionally, it boasts awe-inspiring voice acting from Andy Samberg and John Mulaney and a large ensemble of supporting performers from various backgrounds.

6. Home Team

Streaming on Netflix

Kevin James is undoubtedly one of the most accomplished comic performers working in Hollywood today. He consistently infuses each role with his particular brand of endearing charisma. This is made abundantly clear in the film Home Club, in which he portrays an NFL coach who, while serving a suspension from his team, takes on the role of guiding his son’s high school football team. James is an expert at turning stories like this about people who are out of their element into funny situations.

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7. Belle

Rent on DVD

Belle is also immensely humorous, jumping gears from moments of soaring uplift to times of plummeting lows to bone-dry comedy moments that Hosoda cuts wonderfully to capture the perpetual awkwardness of high-school amorous meetings.

Suzu’s no-nonsense best friend Hiroka (Lilas Ikuta), an acid-tongued hacker genius who propels the story forward, to a gaggle of mother-hen music teachers, to the dorky but sweet ShinjirĂ´, the only member of the school’s canoeing club, all of the supporting characters are a delight. Suzu’s best friend Hiroka is a hacker genius who propels the story forward.

8. Ice Age

Streaming on Disney+

The Ice Age franchise is one of the most well-known and well-loved animated programs. This movie follows Buck on even more of his adventures. Even though he was simply a supporting character in the latter episodes of the series, he eventually gets his day to shine as the protagonist of his own story.

Even though the animation style isn’t quite as polished as in the other installments of the series, there is no question that the movie succeeds mainly due to the dynamic voice performance of Simon Pegg. He returns to voice the title character. In addition, the film succeeds primarily because of the humor and heart that are present throughout.

9. Child of Kamiari Month

Streaming on Netflix

Kanna is a preteen girl who enjoys running but has no idea where her passion for the sport will lead her. Kanna is forced to flee to the yearly assembly of gods in the holy country of Izumo after her mother passes away in the vain hope that she will be able to see her mother there. Along the trip, she encounters strange beings and gains further insight into her family history.

10. The Bad Guys

Streaming on Amazon Prime

The dynamic nature of a film’s antagonist is one of the essential factors in determining whether it will be successful, and this is one of the reasons why The Bad Guys are such an exciting film. The story concentrates on a band of scoundrels who put on an act of converting to the good side.

Although it is first intended to be a hoax, it soon becomes clear that one of their numbers is genuinely beginning to transform. It’s crucial to remember that the movie is made to amuse a big audience. It is an animated film that never loses sight of the fact that it is designed to entertain a broad audience. Younger viewers will be drawn in by the vivid colors, but adults will be drawn in by the witty screenplay and astute dialogue.