People have been flocking to the stock market and seeking the top 10 stock brokers in India to make investments because of the spectacular returns, many investment alternatives, and straightforward liquidity.

Top 8 online brokers

However, because purchasing stocks is technically involved, you must establish a relationship with India’s most reputable stock broker. We have listed some of the best online brokers you can use in 2022!

1. Fidelity Investments

  • Fidelity may be the broker most accommodating to investors, making it an excellent option for novices. This broker provides all services and does it to a high standard. In addition, they provide exceptional customer service, particularly over the phone, where you may obtain a response to your comprehensive query in a matter of seconds. The study materials are extensive, and several different papers may be accessed.
  • You won’t have trouble finding what you’re searching for on Fidelity’s website since it’s straightforward to browse. You won’t only learn the fundamentals of making wise investments; you’ll also learn a lot more than that. You may get informed about investing in no time at all if you take advantage of the fact that you can either attend live webinars or see recorded versions of such webinars.

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2. Charles Schwab

  • Charles Schwab was the first bargain broker, and the company has successfully transitioned into the internet broker industry. Schwab is one of the most user-friendly investment platforms available. It provides a comprehensive set of tools that may assist you in transitioning from an inexperienced to an experienced investor. Stock reports, reports from Morningstar, and news from Reuters are all available from Schwab, and the ETF screener provided by the broker will assist you in your hunt for a successful fund.
  • In addition, Schwab offers excellent instructional resources for new investors, allowing you to acquire all of the foundational knowledge necessary for successful investing. You can do almost all of the actions on the desktop platform using a mobile app with all its features. Schwab also provides several helpful tools for those just starting. After making an eligible deposit and receiving a referral code from a friend, you are eligible to earn a bonus of up to $1,000.
  • New accounts that are funded with at least $50 within the first 30 days of being opened will receive a prize of $50 that will be invested in the top 5 stocks by market cap in the S&P 500 using Schwab Stock Slices, which is the broker’s offering of fractional shares. New accounts are funded with at least $50 within the first 30 days of being opened.

3. TD Ameritrade

  • Because it provides access to a wealth of educational resources, TD Ameritrade is an excellent platform for those just beginning their foray into the world of finance. New investors can access various educational resources, such as over two hundred video tutorials, other types of videos, and different academic content.
  • TD Ameritrade also makes it simple to ask questions regarding investments, so you won’t have to fear being labeled as asking anything “too basic” or being criticized for doing so. You may also connect with the brand using applications that you currently use, such as Facebook Messenger and devices powered by Amazon Alexa.

4. Zerodha

  • Zerodha first introduced the idea of discount broking in 2010, and this achievement has brought the company a lot of notoriety. It is the biggest discount broker and the most OK broker for trading in India. It is supported by the most recent trading technology, excellent trading tools, and a three-way trading platform that is also regarded as the best trading platform in India.
  • Zerodha is regarded as one of India’s top 10 stock brokers since the company provides clients with various advantageous characteristics, including minimal trading fees, excellent exposure, and an entirely web-based broker platform. Zerodha is primarily recognized as the top discount broker in India and the third-biggest stock broker overall in the country.

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5. E-Trade Financial

  • E-Trade is widely regarded as the founder of online brokerage, but the company has also shown that it can adapt to changing times by releasing two mobile applications. You can transfer money using the mobile check deposit tool on the E-Trade mobile app and other capabilities, such as following the market or trading stocks and ETFs.
  • Other options include Power E-Trade, the company’s other mobile software, enabling users to place orders on a single ticket, including intricate option trades. You will also get quotations and a fully adjustable options chain. Streaming news is also included.
  • In addition, E-Trade is an excellent platform for those just beginning their careers in the financial markets since it provides access to various educational materials, including videos, articles, and even live education classes.

6. ShareKhan

  • ShareKhan is one of the largest full-service brokerage companies in the world, and it is situated in Mumbai. The company has more than 1.4 million customers. It operates franchises and branches in more than 550 locations throughout India. Sharekhan is consistently ranked among the top 10 stock brokers in India by several industry publications.
  • They provide high-caliber brokerage services through their web-based trading platform and network of over 1800 locations. Additionally, the brand has a strong presence in the nations of Oman and the United Arab Emirates.

7. Kotak Securities

  • Kotak Securities was established in 1994 and is a full-service brokerage firm. They have a fantastic consumer base of one to one and a half million people.
  • Kotak Securities is a member of the BSE and the NSE that is highly regarded and responsible for handling over 5 lakh deals monthly. Additionally, they participate in the depository systems of both NDSL and CDSL. Kotak Securities is regarded as one of the most successful stock brokers in India at the current time.

8. Wisdom Capital

  • Wisdom Capital is yet another relatively new discount broker, yet it is quickly becoming one of the most successful brokers in India. It is one of India’s most reputable stock brokers and initially provides customers with three different brokerage plan options. On both the NSE and the BSE, trading services are provided by Wisdom Capital for stocks, futures, and opportunities. Additionally, it facilitates trading commodities on the MCX and NCDEX exchanges.


Most individuals choose to use an online broker when buying and selling stocks. In addition, some corporations have direct purchase programs that let you buy stock directly from the company. However, these systems may be challenging and unnecessary since you can buy stocks commission-free via most online brokers.