It might be that you’re going away for a week on business or enjoying a vacation with your family during the summer, but one thing sets this trip apart from all the others: you’re bringing along your pets.

You don’t want to leave them in the hotel room all day and worry about whether or not they are secure, so you want to bring them with you everywhere you go. So, you must find “pet-friendly hotels near me” for hassle-free check-ins! Here’s our complete guide for the same.

What ‘Pet-friendly’ Means & What Doesn’t

A hotel is considered pet-friendly if it enables guests to bring their pets into the premises under certain circumstances. However:

  • The majority of hotels that allow pets charge an extra price. Some accommodations charge a fixed rate for the whole length of stay, while others charge a fee proportional to the number of dogs or the number of nights spent.
  • There are several breed restrictions at pet-friendly hotels. Only dogs are permitted in most of them; even then, many have size and breed requirements.
  • In most hotels, dogs are not allowed to be left alone at any time.
  • Even within the same chain of hotels, pet policies might vary from property to property. If you stay at a Marriott property that allows pets, it does not indicate that other Marriott hotels allow pets.
  • Before you go ahead and click the “book” button, you should be sure to look into the same policies that the hotel you’re contemplating has.

How To Find Hotel Pet Policies?

Generally, the rules regarding pets in hotels vary from one establishment to the next. Regarding pets, no policy applies to all hotels, such as Holiday Inn. Each Holiday Inn location has its own set of rules and regulations.

Because of the increasing complexity of these regulations, a cottage business has developed online to provide concise and straightforward information about various policies. BringFido and Petswelcome are two websites that offer separate pages for each hotel facility. These pages include feedback from other pet owners and a brief overview of the hotel’s pet policy.

To guarantee that you are receiving accurate information, please note the following:

  • To verify the fundamentals, use a website such as BringFido or Petswelcome.
  • Conduct a search using the name of the property together with the phrase “pet policy” to locate the official policy, and then check that the information is accurate.
  • Call the hotel if there is any uncertainty or ambiguity about the reservation.

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Popular Pet-Friendly Hotels

Some hotel chains and brands are traditionally more welcoming to guests traveling with pets than others, even though individual hotel facilities may have pet regulations.

  • IHG properties, including Holiday Inn, are pet-friendly; however, there is often a cost associated with staying at one of these hotels. All sizes, kinds, and numbers of pets are welcome at IHG properties that Kimpton Hotels manage, and there are no additional charges for bringing your pet along.
  • Dogs up to 40 pounds are welcome in Aloft Hotels, which Marriott owns and operates. The number of dogs that are permitted at each property varies.
  • Free lodging is provided for one pet weighing up to 80 pounds at Red Roof Inn.
  • At Motel 6, you’re welcome to bring two dogs with a total weight of up to 150 pounds.

Most Affordable Pet-Friendly Hotels

There is a noticeable gap between the various brands. As it becomes increasingly usual for people to travel with their dogs, many hotel companies are marketing themselves as pet-friendly while demanding expensive pet fees. These costs are sometimes hidden in the hotel’s small print.

The pet fees at Radisson and IHG hotels are approximately $30 per night, whereas the pet fees at Hyatt and Marriott hotels are more than $90 per night. Remember that these are just the average fees and that the actual rates charged by different properties can vary greatly.

Nevertheless, it enlightens vacationers traveling with their pets about which hotel chains they should seek out and which ones they should steer clear of at all costs when making lodging arrangements.

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Tips & Best Practices During Your Perfect Stay

During the check-in process, you are required to inform the staff that you have brought a pet with you. Certain hotels have designated pet-friendly rooms, while at others, facilities are explicitly tailored to dogs’ needs.

When you go inside the hotel, be sure to keep your dog on a leash at all times. Even if your dog is well-behaved, it still runs the risk of encountering another guest’s dog that isn’t, which might result in excessive barking or even physical altercations.

Bring a box with you everywhere you go if you have to leave your animal companion unsupervised temporarily. Pets that become anxious in unoccupied rooms may do a lot of damage, resulting in high damage costs. If you go with your dog alone and it makes a lot of noise, other people may not want to come over.

Notify housekeeping immediately if your pet has an accident in the home. If you don’t, you might be charged a fine, and most hotels have specialized cleaning products that can quickly remove the mess you’ve made. Some hotels do not let their guests leave their dogs alone at any time, so it is crucial to be prepared if you are going to be visiting a museum, show, or restaurant that does not accept pets.