In recent years, there has been a significant advancement in technological capabilities, and as a result, there are now several excellent covert decoy applications that can be downloaded on Android and iPhone devices. The use of a decoy application is an excellent method for preserving one’s privacy and preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data.\

So, here is a list of some of the best secret decoy apps for Android

What Are Secret Decoy Apps For Android?

Many applications give the impression of being something other than what they are. You may probably predict what it is just by looking at the name, which is “decoy.” Decoy apps are applications that are used to confuse and mislead others, even though their icons seem like music, editing apps, or a calculator. These applications are meant to fool and mislead others.

Best Secret Decoy Apps For Android

1.Private Photo Vault

The ability to conceal your picture is the most important function of this program. Without the correct password, individuals won’t be able to see the photographs included therein. You have the option of using either a pin lock or a pattern or dot lock for your password protection.

The application may be immediately opened by anybody who knows the lock on it. Another aspect is a deception that may be used to deceive undesired individuals who want to break inside. In addition to that, the application will assist you in managing your images, videos, and even your online browser. There is a function that allows users to surf the internet incognito and download the image straight to the application.

2. Lock The Gallery (Hide Pictures)

This is without a doubt one of the most effective decoy applications available on the Google Play Store for users of the Android operating system. You can conceal the picture and the video, just as in the earlier app. However, one intriguing feature is that you have the option to hide the app. There is a setting known as “stealth” that enables you to keep the button covered up. Therefore, the application will not be included on the menu that you provide.

Don’t be concerned if you can’t remember the password. After three unsuccessful attempts to enter a password, the application will prompt the user to take photographs. In addition, since it is compatible with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box, you may save the photographs and any documents that are included in this folder to the cloud.

3. Best Secret Folder

This decoy application gives you the ability to hide, organize, and preserve your data. There are a lot of decoy applications available for iOS on the App Store, but to our knowledge, none of them are quite like this one. To begin, there are several authentication methods available to you, including pattern locks, password number locks, FaceID, and TouchID, among other options.

Then, if you turn on the alarm security on your smartphone, it will make a noise whenever someone attempts to enter the app without your authorization if you have the alarm security turned on. The second element is that you will get a tailored experience.

This application provides you complete control over the management of all of your files, from the ability to create folders and choose views to the capability of importing and exporting files to and from your email. The Best Secret Folder program is not only useful for concealing information but also for maintaining complete control over your privacy.

4. Keepsafe Photo Vault

More than fifty million individuals all around the globe are now using the Keepsafe app to safeguard their private information. By entrusting the service with all of your images and videos from the gallery, you may now join their ranks and become one of them. By using it, you will be able to save individual memories as well as picture collections in a manner that will make them inaccessible to anybody other than yourself.

Keepsafe gives you the option of protecting your picture folders with a password, a personal identification number (PIN), or even your fingerprint. Your photocopies and digital images of important documents, such as credit cards and identification, will remain secure.

It is also important to note that Keepsafe enables you to synchronize all of your data across all of your devices while simultaneously giving you a lock on each of those devices. You also can recover lost photographs on each device and establish a unique password for each photo album and video playlist you have stored.

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5. Hide It Pro

Do you believe that you can professionally conceal things? If this is the case, you shouldn’t hesitate to download the Hide it Pro software. You will just need to use one service to conceal your photographs, videos, texts, phone calls, and applications. You may offer someone shared access if you want the two of you to be able to see the same information at the same time, for example, if you want to share it with your spouse.

It is important to note that after activating Hide it Pro, the program is instantly hidden from view in the list of your usual applications. You will be able to modify the volume by clicking on the icon labeled “Audio Manager.” I believe we can all agree that altering the level is not something out of the usual.

No one will be able to easily discover these files on your smartphone if you use Hide it Pro as your private and inaccessible repository for memories, old communications, or even compromises. You may further conceal yourself by adding additional layers of camouflage by placing unique pictures on the icons of your folders.


The KYMS software allows you to conceal your photographs and other forms of media. It blends in seamlessly with the rest of the application on your device, seeming to be a calculator with basic features. In addition, you can conceal not only conventional files but also text files and multimedia assets from the gallery.

The data are protected from being accessed by unauthorized parties thanks to the AES encryption that KYMS applies. At the same time, the decryption of these files will take place in real-time when you view them on your computer. You may also import files from your local storage, whether it be a laptop or desktop PC.

You may also use KYMS to download files using the program’s built-in browser. This allows you to search for files and download them using only a single app. You may also set up specific gestures and actions that will enable you to swiftly shut or activate the program. These gestures and actions can be set up in the Settings menu.

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Problems With Secret Decoy Apps For Android

People use the application described above to hide their private stuff from prying eyes and prevent others from seeing it. However, these applications are becoming more popular among teenagers. Therefore, decoy applications serve the purpose of creating a wall between you and your children.

The issue with decoy applications is that children may use them to store indecent photographs and videos, including pornographic films and inappropriate discussions. Additionally, they may utilize dummy applications to conceal images of their crushes or screenshots of their private conversations.

Kids have a greater risk of becoming victims of harassment and bullying while using this application since they enable the anonymous sharing of chat messages. Additionally, this application may make it possible for users to watch improper movies, which may cause users’ perspectives to shift and negatively impact users’ mental health.