The best South Park episodes have a few things in common: they are all hilarious. The animated television series “South Park” has provided a more thorough record of the cultural zeitgeist than perhaps any other fictional television series produced during the previous quarter-century. 

As a result, specific episodes may inevitably seem antiquated. However, if you take a different perspective, such episodes might give helpful insight into topics formerly considered vital in pop culture but are now just asterisks and footnotes. 

So, we will talk about some of the best South Park episodes in this article.

Best South Park Episodes Over The Decades

1. The Death Of Eric Cartman (Season 9, Episode 6)

After Cartman committed an inexplicable KFC-related infraction, Stan and Kyle determined that the best way to deal with him was to pretend he didn’t exist. Cartman reasoned that since no one could hear him, he must have been a ghost and proceeded to investigate. 

As a result, he spent most of the ensuing 22 minutes of screen time apologising and acting altruistically in a ludicrous effort to ensure himself a good afterlife. Cartman successfully had Butters sent to the crazy institution amidst all of these beautiful deeds. 

According to Cartman, even being near him may have disastrous consequences for your health, financial well-being, and personal independence.

2. Casa Bonita (Season 7, Episode 11)

Butters is about to be taken down by a nefarious plot. South Park’s Casa Bonita is a Mexican-themed restaurant, and Kyle invites Stan, Kenny, and Butters to dine there. Angry over being left out, Cartman puts on the charm, which leads to Kyle offering that if Butters is unable to go for any reason, Cartman may fill in for him. 

What makes this episode so amusing is how much Cartman is ready to go to get his goal. A meteor the size of Wyoming is poised to strike Earth, and he conceals Butters in a bomb shelter to avoid being struck by the meteor. 

Of course, Butters’ parents get concerned, and Cartman investigates more, informing him that a meteor has struck, civilization has collapsed, and deadly radiation has transformed the last members of the human race into rabid zombies. If Trey Parker considers this episode one of his favourites, it is certainly up to our standards.

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3. Grounded Vindaloop (Season 18, Episode 7)

South Park is known for mining technology for laughs, and “Grounded Vindaloop” accomplishes it nearly flawlessly in this episode. The episode makes fun of contact centre personnel, the Matrix, and various other topics. 

It’s even better since it revolves around one of the most endearing relationships on the show: Cartman teasing Butters until he goes too far. Butters’ insistence on violating all of VR’s “rules” is amusing, as is Steve, the continuously obnoxious phone centre representative. 

However, the surprise conclusion (which we will not reveal here) distinguishes it from some of the other technology-themed episodes. It’s a sci-fi spoof done perfectly – and it’s one of the slickest South Park episodes to be found anywhere.

4. Coon Vs Coon & Friends (Season 14, Episode 13)

It is typically the most amusing moment in South Park when Eric Cartman demonstrates his inability to get along with people. Throughout “Coon vs Coon and Friends,” that personality flaw is brought to the forefront as he summons the fury of Cthulu to combat his companions.

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5. Scott Tenorman Must Die (Season 5, Episode 4)

Cartman got himself embroiled in a pubes-based conflict with upper schooler Scott Tenorman in the episode “Scott Tenorman.” Carrying on about his incompetence, ignorance, and illusion of self-importance throughout the show. It is sufficient to state that the small person, together with the impoverished, created a sucker out of the audience.


Going back to 1997, when South Park initially aired on Comedy Central, you may be astonished that the show survived three years, much alone twenty-five. 

The first few episodes depended more on shock than on quality. It wasn’t until Seasons 4 and 5 that the programme found its voice by increasing its cast of characters and honing its satire that the show found its identity. You can go through the best South Park episodes during the weekend.