The swimming watch that is ideal for you will depend on what you want to monitor, why you want to monitor it, and how much money you are willing to spend on it. There are many different kinds of swimming watches available for the person who wants to take the power of traditional fitness trackers and use that computing power on their wrists to measure and monitor their activity levels.

These activity levels can include things like the user’s heart rate, distance traveled, or even the amount of time spent in various energy zones. Swimming watches are designed for people who participate in water sports. If you are interested in knowing the best swimming watches, then we have compiled a list of some of the best swimming watches to buy in different price ranges.

How To Choose The Best Swimming Watches?

A simple watch may help you keep track of the number of lengths of swum, the total amount of time spent swimming, and your splits, such as the amount of time spent on each length. This is an extremely helpful feature if you have trouble keeping count as you swim.

The more sophisticated capabilities will enable you to count exercises, will recognize and register various swimming strokes (depending on the sort of action your arms are performing), and will enable you to combine your swimming sets.

Things become a bit more tricky as you go out into the open sea. You can simply use a basic watch to log the amount of time you have been swimming and to show improvements in your lap times if, for example, you are doing a buoyed course at a lake. Additionally, for those who are not as accustomed to swimming in cooler water, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on the amount of time you have been in the water for.

However, the majority of triathletes will choose to wear a watch that is equipped with GPS since it not only creates a map of their swim but also keeps track of the distance they have swum.

Best Swimming Watches To Buy in 2023

If you are interested in knowing the best swimming watches, then we have compiled a list of some of the best swimming watches to buy in different price ranges.

1. Garmin Swim 2

It’s the Swim 2 that you want if you’re searching for the least expensive Garmin watch that can monitor swimming in both a pool and open water, as well as allow you to build up routines and drills for yourself to follow along with. The Swim 2 counts your strokes and identifies the kind of stroke you are using, calculates your SWOLF, and allows you to set alarms depending on time, distance, and speed. It also captures fundamental statistics such as distance, length, and pace.

The data is stored in Garmin’s Connect app, and sessions can be transferred to other applications, like Strava, with relative ease. It provides full access to Garmin’s Connect IQ shop so that other applications and data fields may be added to the watch, and it continues to include capabilities such as run and bike tracks as well as 24/7 fitness monitoring so that it can be used outside of the pool as well.

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2. Apple Watch Series 5

Apple is recognized for making high-quality equipment, and while the company is not particularly well-known for producing swim or multiport technology, the Apple Watch Series 5 is capable of performing all of the functions associated with other devices and much more.

The Apple Watch is water-resistant up to a depth of 50 meters and comes equipped with a built-in swim app that tracks everything from splits to volumes to the kind of stroke being performed as well as speed and stroke count. When GPS is enabled, the app also can plot your open water and triathlon swims on a map. This is useful for both types of swimmers.

Apple’s Water Lock is an add-on application that provides you the option to lock the screen while you are in the water to avoid inadvertent touches and cleans out the watch’s speakers after you are through being in the water. This feature is only available for Apple Watch users.

The Apple Watch Series 5 includes all of the other features of a smartwatch that make it awesome for the pool as well as your dryland workouts. These features include optical and electrical heart sensors, an always-on retina display, and endless customization options in terms of wristbands and applications.

3. Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro

The Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro is a waterproof smartwatch that performs a little bit more than the typical amount of functionality when it comes to sports monitoring as well as other activities. To begin, it has an EN 13319 classification, which indicates that it is acceptable for dives of up to 30 meters deep. This makes it appropriate for scuba diving. Although diving isn’t nearly as streamlined as the Apple Watch Ultra, the dive app will nonetheless provide a significant amount of data.

It will monitor the speed, depth, and length of the dives, in addition to the depth curve, heart rate, breath-holding time, and data on the contraction of the diaphragm. It also has a respectable performance when it comes to swimming. We have had a lot of success with using Huawei wearables in the pool, and we’ve discovered that they provide accurate monitoring of laps, calories, distance, speed, SWOLF, swim stroke rate, and swim stroke frequency.

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4. Garmin Forerunner 945

The Garmin Forerunner 945 may be purchased as part of a package that also includes two chest-strap heart rate monitors. One of these monitors is built for running and cycling, while the other was made with swimming in mind.

These are wonderful additions for rigorous heart rate training since they can pick up changes more rapidly than a sensor on your wrist, but they are not necessary because the Forerunner 945 is one of the few watches that can monitor heart rate properly underwater on its own.

It also includes a built-in audio player, which means that you can use it combined with a set of waterproof headphones to enjoy your favorite tunes while you are in the water. Additionally, it comes with a wide variety of functions that are specifically designed for swimming. The most important parameters for open-water swimming are the distance (with GPS monitoring), pace, stroke count/rate, stroke distance and efficiency, and total calories burned.

Even additional customization options are available for use during pool exercises, including stroke type identification, pacing warnings, auto rest, customized pool workouts (which can be downloaded to the watch over Wi-Fi), and drill tracks.

5. Venu 2

The Venu 2 was the second Garmin watch to include a full-color AMOLED touchscreen display. It also had a larger, brighter, and clearer display, making it a much better watch to wear both in and out of the water. This watch is also water resistant to a depth of 100 meters.

Unlike other of Garmin’s more expensive watches, this one is designed specifically for monitoring swimming in a pool; yet, it still provides a comprehensive set of real-time and post-swim measures, which helps to ensure that the experience of wearing it while swimming is a positive one overall.

These metrics include some of the most fundamental ones, such as distance, pace, stroke count, SWOLF, and calories. The Garmin Connect mobile application has been updated to include the capability to examine intensity minutes, which will allow you to evaluate how strenuously you worked throughout your swimming session.

In addition to that, it will determine the sort of stroke you are doing, provide you with a simple rest timer, and monitor your heart rate while you are swimming underwater. However, there is much dispute over the dependability of HR monitoring.