There is no guarantee that all TV remote applications will be compatible with every set. However, you will be able to manage your TV, smart home gadgets, set-top boxes, and many more items provided that you use the app for remote control that best fits your requirements.

We have searched the Google Play Store and Apple App Store to compile a list of some of the best TV remote apps you can use!

Android TV Remote Control

The Android TV Remote Control application is an official product offered by Google. Any Android TV device connected to the same WiFi network as your smartphone may be controlled with its help. You can connect via Bluetooth if your Android TV box supports it, even if your Android TV device utilizes a traditional ethernet connection (which is often preferable for better video playing).

The software for the remote control has control options for both the D-pad and the touchpad. Simply pressing the symbol that looks like a microphone, you’ll be able to do searches using your voice (again, assuming your Android TV box supports voice search).

Amazon Fire TV

You should look at the official app if the only thing you want from an app for your Amazon Fire TV device is a remote control. It functions similarly to the Android TV remote app, enabling the user to command the device using a mix of touchpad and voice commands. In addition, a useful text input feature will save you from having to painstakingly type in every website URL or YouTube search query using the on-screen keyboard included with the Fire TV.

The Amazon Fire TV Remote app compiles all the applications you have installed on your Fire TV into a single list, making it easier to access. You don’t need to be concerned if your home has more than one Fire TV device. Switching between the various units is made simple through the use of the remote app.

Universal TV Remote

You can program remote controls for each of your smart TVs if you use the Universal Remote TV Smart app. All that is required of you is to download the app and then search your local network for any smart TVs that are linked to the same WiFi network. After that, you will be prompted to provide a pairing code, allowing your smartphone to display a remote control for your television.

Therefore, if you own a Samsung television, the remote control will have all the same buttons and functionality as the remote control you previously used. In addition, the remote that comes with your Roku TV will not have the same design as your Samsung TV.

However, you can only use this application on smart TVs connected to a WiFi network. This implies that even if you use a streaming device, this remote software will not function if you have an older television set. Additionally, pressing the power button on this remote won’t always turn on your TV every time. You will also be required to pay a one-time cost of $5.99 to get rid of the obnoxious pop-up advertisements.


AnyMote is an app that acts as a universal remote, allowing you to manage your television and other pieces of home theatre equipment like media players and smart speakers. You may even use this app to manage the temperature in your media room if it has air conditioning and if you happen to have air conditioning in your media room.

This software gives you control over infrared as well as Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets. You can operate your TV in a more portable manner by downloading the app on your wristwatch, using voice commands that you have programmed, and even setting up automatic chores.

The software also has an editor tool, which allows you to add a plethora of new buttons and customize your remote controls to better manage your home theatre experience.

Roku Companion Remote

We strongly advise you to get the companion app for your Roku TV as soon as possible if you possess a Roku streaming device or TV. This app contains all the same buttons as a Roku Premiere remote, including a power button, volume up and down buttons, a mute button, and a microphone button. However, the buttons that are available to you depend on the kind of TV that you are connecting it to.

The Roku app remote contains a variety of buttons that you won’t find on your physical remote, such as a keyboard button that makes it simple to put in passwords and a search button that allows you to quickly locate the next movie or television program you want to watch. Even if your physical remote does not have a button designated for the microphone, you can still use voice commands to search for new movies and TV episodes.

However, one of the most useful new additions to the Roku app remote is a button labeled “private listening.” Because of this, you can play the sound from your television on your mobile device. After that, you may connect your headphones to your smartphone and adjust the volume using those controls. Even if you have an earlier model of Roku, this will work for you.

Official Kodi Remote

The official Kodi remote for iOS is the last app in our rundown of available options. This program allows you to control playback and interact with the many on-screen menus if Kodi is installed on your smart TV or set-top box. If you have Kodi installed, you may use this app.

The application supports Kodi’s Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and Personal Video Recorder (PVR) and provides volume controls; the ability to connect to multiple installations of Kodi running on different devices, simple playlist management, artwork displays, a way to switch between saved media and any TV channels that you run through Kodi, and support for Kodi’s DVR/PVR feature are some of the app’s most notable features.