In a world where weather patterns are proven to be more unexpected and more intense, having access to the best weather apps is very necessary. Whether there is a storm on its way, very high temperatures in the forecast, or plenty of UV sunshine when you go outdoors, a reliable weather app can have you ready for whatever lies ahead.

So, here’s a list of some of the best weather apps that you need to try right away!

1. 1Weather

It has been around for quite some time, and 1Weather by OneLouder Applications is not only one of the most popular weather apps on our list, but it is also one of the apps with the greatest ratings. It provides access to extra information in addition to the typical functions that you would expect, such as a daily and hourly forecast.

Additionally, there are several weather widgets that you may use. The appearance is fresh and uncluttered. In addition to that, it has support for Android Wear, can monitor the weather in up to 12 cities simultaneously, and is compatible with 25 different languages. The ad-supported free edition has completely free access to all of the features.

You also have the option to spend an additional $1.99 to eliminate advertisements. The radar sometimes won’t load, but that’s the only problem we’ve ever seen with this particular model.

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2. AccuWeather

One of the best weather apps available is Accuweather, which is offered by the website It includes the fundamentals, such as lengthy predictions, hourly forecasts, and other projections of a similar kind. A radar, some of the greatest support for Wear OS of any weather software, and a host of other features are also included. In addition to that, it comes with a function called MinuteCast.

It forecasts the likelihood of rain on a minute-by-minute basis, allowing you to more easily organize your day. The application went through a redesign in the middle of the year 2020, which resulted in the introduction of a number of new issues that are still being worked on. However, when they work out the kinks in everything over the course of the next year, it ought to become better.

3. Carrot Weather

Carrot will offer you fast, hyper-local weather information that is accessible on a daily or hourly forecast basis after it has turned into your area. You also have the option to watch the weather in real-time, which will give you an instantaneous snapshot of the current conditions outdoors.

The carrot weather app is able to deliver the most accurate weather reporting possible by integrating with a variety of sources, including information from AccuWeather and Dark Sky, which are also contenders for the title of best weather app.

4. Yahoo Weather App

The stunning Yahoo Weather app has a dazzling user experience that is not only useful but also visually arresting. The application shows photographs of your area along with the current time of day and weather conditions. You also have the option to examine comprehensive predictions for the next five days, in addition to viewing interactive radar, heat, and satellite maps.

A unified experience is now available across all platforms as a result of updates that brought the design of the Android app in line with that of the iOS app. Other applications give more information and capabilities, but Yahoo Weather’s clean, the succinct layout makes it an exceptionally user-friendly, daily software. The only thing that lets it down is rather huge advertising that appears when you scroll up to go to the full prediction.

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5. Flowx

Check out Flowx if you want to obsess over different kinds of visualizations, such as maps, graphs, and forecasts. The application, which was once known as Weatherbomb, offers users a comprehensive collection of charts, predictions, and weather maps that are shown in the form of a scrolling animated forecast timeline. Users have the option to manually set locations or have the software center itself on their current location automatically.

Flowx is able to show a wide range of data overlays, such as precipitation, clouds, and wind direction arrows, with the data for these overlays coming from the NWS/NOAA and Environment Canada respectively. The software is free to download, however, there is an optional subscription that can be purchased to eliminate advertisements and benefit the app’s creator.