A help desk and chat support system is a vital resource for any business. It helps to curb the downtime in customer support services. Nowadays, most customers seek assistance while making their purchases online. The best WordPress help desk & chat plugins enable timely and centralized support. 

It will boost user interaction. This will ultimately lead to conversions. 

So, how can the best WordPress help desk & chat plugins support you?

Many customers face niggling challenges even after reading the product description, FAQs, and reviews. 

Won’t it be great if someone assists them while making the purchase? Someone whom they can confidently rely upon to make decisions? 

This is the place where the best WordPress help desk & chat plugins give support. These plugins can back up and do the job of customer support persons or sales assistants. 

It will be available 24 x 7 x 365.

Build solutions with the best WordPress help desk & chat plugins 

The best WordPress help desk & chat plugins will transform themselves into store owners or salesmen. They will hold the communication with the visitors. In addition, they will ensure to convert them into valuable clients. 

Fortunately, you can customize these plugins. It will allow you to use the core functionality while meeting your exact criteria. 

Even though these plugins are incredibly useful. But you may face a tough time finding the core functionality you need. You can hire a proficient WordPress development company for this.

7 best WordPress help desk & chat plugins for 2022

1. ThriveDesk


ThriveDesk is a great way to have an effective live chat option. It is an affordable and simple WordPress help desk software. This WordPress help desk & chat plugin is best for eCommerce platforms, small businesses, SaaS, etc. 

ThriveDesk gives support for a number of widgets. This includes a contact form, app-specific integrations, live chat, etc.

You can experiment with the customization options with this plugin. For instance, you can edit the welcome message, logo, and color of your website. 

Any business that wants to automate and improve its customer service can rely upon ThriveDesk. 

2. SupportCandy


SupportCandy is one of the best WordPress help desk & chat plugins at your disposal. This plugin has made a big wave in the arena of WordPress help desk plugins.

You can have unlimited agents and tickets using this plugin. Your users can submit their tickets easily from any device. It is because of its underlying responsive grid and Ajax technology.

Support Candy also comes with an incredible anti-spam feature. It focuses mainly on functionality and simplicity. This marvellous plugin supports multiple languages. The user will not have to register on your website to submit their ticket. This shortens the entire process. 

This plugin can ship canned replies and email templates for frequent questions. You can even set the status, categorize, and prioritize any tickets easily. This you can manage from the admin dashboard. 

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3. TotalDesk


TotalDesk can help you to cut down the time that you spend on dispensing customer support. This WordPress help desk & chat plugin is an all-in-one and comprehensive WordPress theme ticketing system. 

TotalDesk is an elite author of features. This includes multiple notification options, FAQs, live search, etc. 

4. Zendesk


This is another best WordPress help desk & chat plugin for businesses. It has adaptable and robust software. Zendesk will allow you to meet the requirements of your company. 

It can improve agent efficacy by 30% and customer loyalty by 25% on average. All the client experience can be managed through a dynamic and single interface. This includes extensive client history, predefined ticket responses, etc. 

A logged-in user can access the helpdesk support without switching their accounts. 

5. Awesome Support


One of the flexible, feature-rich, and best WordPress help desk & chat plugins mentioned on this list.  

Awesome Support has an intuitive and versatile interface. You can expand its features by employing paid addons. It offers media uploads, restricted access, ticket systems, etc. 

An experienced WordPress developer can incorporate as many features. This plugin is extremely great for beginners and user-friendly. Awesome Support uses the UI and WordPress dashboard wonderfully. It is compatible with GDPR and Gutenberg. 

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6. bbPress


A lightweight and best WordPress help desk & chat plugin that offers an effective solution. Hence, your website will not slow down with unnecessary bloat.

Many WordPress companies use bbPress for their customer support forum. bbPress is a viable contender because of its easy extendibility, built notifications, etc. You will have massive control and flexibility with bbPress. 

It can help you to customize the spam-prevention built-in and spam. You can even customize the templates. Most software platforms are resource-intensive. Hence, it is challenging to integrate them with WordPress. bbPress tackles such problems. 

7. JS Support Ticket


Another user-friendly WordPress help desk & chat plugin that you can install. It has interesting features and makes the process of client smoother and more efficient. The user can generate the ticket from the website’s front-end using JS Support Ticket.

Things that you must consider when choosing the best WordPress help desk & chat plugins

We are well aware that the help desk and chat support system is an inevitable competent for online business. Hence, you must have the flexibility to choose the best WordPress help desk & chat plugins

In the WordPress ecosystem, you can find the best WordPress help desk & chat plugins.  Some things that you must keep a note are:-

1. Budget

2. Features

3. Customization

4. Ease of Use

5. Web Interface

6. Security

In a nutshell!!

We hope you have seen some best WordPress help desk & chat plugins. Did you find one that meets your business requirements? 

Do not rush yourself to make decisions. In fact, it is recommended to hire WordPress developers from a leading WordPress development company. They have developers who can build technical sound products with proficiency. 

They can assist you to customize your website the way you want. You need not comprise with the requirement. They will help you to choose the exact WordPress help desk & chat plugin as per your business niche. 

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