The Working Women Hostel Scheme was introduced by the Indian government on April 6, 2017, and it was officially inaugurated by the Prime Minister of our country, Shree Narendra Modi. The Working Women Hostel Scheme is supervised by the Women and Child Care Development Ministry, and its goal is to provide easy access to dependable, affordable, and comfortable housing for working women who are required to leave their homes and relocate as a result of their professional obligations.

If you are a working woman who is looking for working women’s hostel in Bangalore, then you are at the right place. In this blog, we will list down the top three working women’s hostel and then we will tell you about the rights that you need to be aware of!

1. Queen’s Lounge Ladies PG

If you are looking for a women’s hostel in Bengaluru, your best option is Queen’s Lounge Ladies PG. It is well-known across Bengaluru as a deluxe women’s hostel, and it is located here. During the last several years, their hostel has helped hundreds of women, many of whom have seen substantial growth as a result.

The youth hostel offers a variety of rooming choices that may be tailored to the traveler’s requirements and financial constraints. When someone is staying at their hostel, both they and their possessions get the highest level of protection possible from the staff there.

In addition, Queen’s Lounge Ladies PG offers pick-up and drop-off services for guests who are searching for PG accommodations within a radius of five kilometers of the PG site. Wi-Fi and hot water are also provided around the clock.

2. Aashirwad Paying Guest

The Aashirwad Paying Guest is one of the most prominent women’s hostels in India, and it has been running its business effectively for more than a decade, providing women with nice places to stay. The room is completely furnished and comes with a connected bathroom. The Aashirwad Paying Guest program ensures the most treasured aspects of personal space and comfort, as well as the feeling of being at home.

Students have access to separate study spaces and parking facilities for their two-wheeled vehicles at Aashirwad. At Aashirwad Paying Guest, you will find yourself in a neighborhood that is completely safe and that provides access to the necessities of life, like food, groceries, medication, and transportation.

In addition to that, they provide breakfast tea in the morning, a complimentary lunch, evening tea, and a supper of North Indian cuisine. They cater to the requirements of working women and students who are away from home for the sake of education or employment. Within a short walking distance of the hostel, residents will discover easily accessible schools, ATMs, stores, and bus stops. There is also access to Wi-Fi that is accessible round-the-clock.

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3. Shreeniketana Luxurious Ladies PG

Shreeniketana Luxurious Ladies P.G. is a reliable option for ladies looking for a place to stay in Bengaluru. They are quite kind, and they are willing to assist you. They give you the impression that you are in the comfort of your own home. The rooms of Shreeniketana Luxurious Ladies P.G hostel are completely outfitted with furniture. They will never leave you or your things without ensuring that you and they are protected from harm.

In addition to that, they serve both hot and cold water around the clock, as well as a refrigerator, sofa sets, and Indian food three times a day. There are other networks of free internet access and wi-fi access. Additionally, automobile and bike parking is available at the Shreeniketana Luxurious Ladies P.G.

This was the list of some of the best Working womens hostels. Now let us see some of the basic rights that you need to know under the Working Women’s scheme!

Objectives Of Working Womens Hostel

  • Every effort should be made to ensure that working mothers have a place to live that is not only secure but also conveniently accessible and provides childcare for their children.
  • To speed up and make it easier for services to be provided in urban, semi-urban, and rural locations where there are job openings specifically for women.
  • To assist with initiatives that are aimed at the construction of new hostel buildings, the expansion of already existing hostel buildings, and structures constructed on leased property.
  • To eliminate any forms of prejudice that are practiced among working women and make it possible for all of them to have access to available housing options.
  • To provide housing for women who are participating in employment preparation programs that meet the particular requirements of the plan.

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Eligibility Of Working Women’s Hostel Scheme

  • The employed women who are eligible for this program should either be unmarried, divorced, widowed, separated, or married, but their husbands or other close relatives should not live in the same town or region.
  • It was decided that women from disadvantaged communities would be given priority for the position.
  • Seats have been set aside just for those who are eligible for disability benefits.
  • Women in paid employment whose total time spent in training does not exceed twelve months will be able to receive benefits under the plan.
  • The number of women undertaking training shall not exceed 30% of the total capacity of working women.
  • Working women will be permitted to remain with their children under the condition that the age of the boy and girl kid should not be more than 9 and 15 years respectively. This is because a woman can be the only caregiver of her children
  • Women who have incomes that are lower than the federal poverty threshold are also qualified to take advantage of the working women’s hostel program.


The working women hostel project is an effective idea that supports working women of any class or situation and helps them feel autonomous and deserving of assistance. It works to uplift all of the women who are seen as being on a lower social rung than their male counterparts.

It has been adopted across the whole of India, including cities, towns, and even villages. Underprivileged and uncared women who fall into the below-poverty-line category are the ones who have benefited the most from this project. These women have no one to look after them and nowhere else to go.

The program is run by the central government. And it truly does make a difference in the face of a progressive society with the wellness of the empowered and aware women who are a prominent and significant part of both our nation and the globe as a whole.