If you are a Bumble user, you might have received a message stating that you may be eligible to participate in the Bumble Boost Settlement. You must be curious whether the Bumble Boost settlement is a scam or legit, right? 

If such is the case, you should know that the Bumble Boost settlement is legit. So this is a real deal, not a scam. If you purchased a Bumble Boost between November 13, 2014, and July 15, 2020, you are eligible to receive a payout.

As we advance in this article, we will talk about everything related to the Bumble Boost settlement.

What Is Bumble Boost Settlement?

The issue revolves around the Bumble Boost service, in which a client registered a claim that Bumble never notified that his membership had been cancelled. Those who were unaware of the membership cancellation submitted their claim. 

The entire situation arose when one of the consumers looked through the agreement and discovered problems, including that the website does not mention the refund and claim. Those who are citizens of the United States of America have the right to obtain a settlement. 

Each subscriber has a fundamental right to be informed about the application’s use and agreements, which is one of those rights. Most of the time, a buyer does not read the whole agreement, and the corporation takes advantage of the client’s ignorance.

What Will Users Receive In The Settlement?

If you purchased Bumble Boost between November 13, 2014, and July 15, 2020, while residing in another state of the United States, you may be eligible for a cash reward of up to 129 dollars. 

Please be aware that a $22.5 million trust fund has been established as part of the Settlement. As a result, after deducting amounts approved by the Court for notice and administration of the Settlement, lawyers’ fees, service awards for the class representatives, and other expenditures, a $22.5 million fund will be available to pay Settlement Class Members. 

Consequently, if you are from California, you may get more or less than 129 dollars, but you may receive 44 dollars if you are from another state in the United States.

Who Is Eligible For Bumble Boost Settlement?

There are two sets of class members:

  • Customers who bought Bumble Boost throughout the country between November 13, 2014, and July 15, 2020, are included in this category.
  • Bumble Boost subscribers in California are being charged for the automatic renewal of their membership. Consumers in California must have acquired the subscription between November 13, 2014, and July 15, 2020, to be eligible for the state’s class and the national class.

Deadline For The Claim

The deadline to make a complaint was November 23, 2020. You may also see the court settlement through zoom if you have forgotten to do so before. Those who choose to be excluded or opt-out will not be compensated due to the Bumble Boost Settlement procedure. 

If you do not submit a claim form, your claim will be rejected, and you will not be eligible for payment. 


You now know if the Bumble Boost Settlement is legit or a hoax. If you are qualified and interested in receiving this settlement money, you must first claim by completing a proper claim form, either online or on paper. 

If you choose not to participate, you will not get any compensation, even if you are qualified to receive this settlement amount. You will, however, retain the right to sue Bumble over the problems raised in this case.