Business Proposal drama is one of the most highly anticipated K-drama rom-coms now airing on Netflix in the United States. In it, Kim Se-Jeong plays Shin Ha-Ri, and Ahn Hyo-Seop plays Kang Tae-Moo, two strangers who find themselves in an awkward phoney relationship arrangement after a disastrous blind date.

The series finale aired on April 5th, bringing the run to a close after 12 episodes. While the narrative may seem corny at times, the Business Proposal cast contributes to the overall appeal of the drama.

There are many other shows that you could watch to check out the actual calibre of the Business Proposal cast. So, here’s a list of the best shows from the main Business Proposal cast.

1. Ahn Hyo-Seop In ‘Lovers Of The Red Sky’

Ahn Hyo-Seop has joined the ranks of the most popular K-drama Oppas after appearing in two consecutive romantic dramas. Before Business Proposal, he appeared as Ha Ram in the historical drama Lovers Of The Red Sky, in which he co-starred with Kim Yoo-Jung (Love In The Moonlight).

The narrative takes place during the Joseon era and is centred on the fine arts and mystic arts and crafts. In addition, he appeared as Seo Woo-Jin in Dr. Romantic 2 as the main male opposite Lee Sung-Kyung, who portrayed Weightlifting Fairy’s Lee Sung-Kyung.

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2. Kim Se-Jeong In ‘School 2017’

Kim Se-Jeong has recently acted in the films I Wanna Hear Your Song (2019) and The Uncanny Encounter (2020), among other projects. However, in her first leading part in School 2017, she shined.

She was named Best New Actress at the 2017 KBS Drama Awards and Best Popular Actress at the 1st Seoul Awards for her depiction of Ra Eun-Ho, a young girl who joins forces with her schoolmates to fight against the corrupt school system in the drama. School 2017 is a part of the School anthology series, which began in 1999 and had its most current iteration in 2021. School 2017 is the seventh instalment in the series.

3. Kim Min-Kyu In ‘Snowdrop’ & ‘Nevertheless’

He had previously performed in small parts in popular dramas before landing the role of Cha Sung-Hoon (also known as Ahn Hyo-handsome Seop’s secretary in Business Proposal) and stealing hearts wherever he went.

The controversial drama Snowdrop, starring Jung Hae-In and BLACKPINK Jisoo, included a cameo appearance by him, credited simply as “the man with the dimples.” He also appeared in Han So-Hee and Song Kang’s drama Nevertheless (episode 8) but was only given the title “the guy with the dimples.”

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4. Seol In ‘A Beautiful Love’ & ‘Wonderful Life’

Previously, Seol In-A played tiny parts in Mr. Queen (with Shin Hye-Sun and Kim Jung-Hyun) and Record of Youth, both of which were released in Korea at the same time as Business Proposal (starring Park Bo-Gum and Park So-Dam). Her performance in the 2019 drama Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life, on the other hand, stands out the most.

Jo Yoon-Hee, a former broadcaster who married the CEO of a corporation, was portrayed by Seol In-A. The drama won her the Outstanding Actress Award at the 2019 Korean Broadcasting System Drama Awards.

5. Lee Deok-Hwa In ‘The Red Sleeve’

Our last entry in the list of other series by the Business Proposal cast is of Lee Deok-Hwa. In the upcoming drama Business Proposal, Kae Tae-adoring Moo’s grandpa Kang Da-Koo is played by veteran actor Lee Deok-Hwa. However, it is his most recent performance in the historical drama The Red Sleeve that we would like to emphasise.

Lee Deok-Hwa is well-known for his earlier roles in well-known dramas such as Suspicious Partner (with Ji Chang-Wook), Hyde Jekyll Me (with Hyun Bin), and many more. Lee Deok-Hwa portrays the tyrannical King Young, the grandpa of young prince Yi San (Lee Jun Ho). As a result of Yi San’s father’s death, King Younjo is held accountable for his son’s mental anguish, one of the drama’s most important story aspects.

Other TV Shows Like Business Proposal

Here are some of the best TV shows like Business Proposal that you should binge watch:

1. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?

Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young star as the lead in this romantic comedy that was released in 2018. In this drama, Park Seo Joon plays the role of a narcissistic vice chairman of a large company who realises that he is in love with his secretary.

To have her at his side at all times, he does all in his power. Similarly to Tae-Mo (from Business Proposal), the main character in this TV show is likewise struggling to rehabilitate from the traumatic experiences he had as a youngster, and it is only through his newly found love that he can do so.

2. Secret Garden

Ra-Im, a realistic lady who works as a stuntwoman, and Joo Won, a self-centred, affluent businessman who runs a successful firm, fall in love. Ra-Im works as a stuntwoman. They first come into contact with one another when Joo Won, acting on the advice of his well-known cousin, inadvertently picks up Ra-Im and brings her to a hotel.

Even though Ra-Im is not his typical interest, he can’t help but think about her all the time. In the end, he gives in to his emotions and decides to pursue her sincerely.

This story takes an enchanted turn when both Ra-Im and Joo-Won discover, upon waking up, that their souls have been transferred to the body of the other character. They end up appreciating each other more as they labour together to find a solution to the problem.

3. Dali & The Cocky Prince

Another one of those K-dramas that will make you laugh and cry at the same time is this one. You don’t need to go any farther if you want to see a show that will make your chest feel like it’s about to explode. The plot is rather straightforward and revolves around a chaebol who rose from poverty to become wealthy through hard effort.

He comes to the aid of an heirless woman who is having trouble maintaining her late father’s art gallery in the face of mounting financial challenges. They begin their interaction with one another as creditors and debtors, but soon emotions begin to develop between them.

The two main characters in this show couldn’t be more different from one another, yet much as in Business Proposal, they end up falling madly in love with one another.

4. Introverted Boss

When the reserved and introverted Eun Hwan-ki employs the outgoing and enthusiastic Chae Ro-Woon to work at his firm, he discovers that his life has improved significantly as a result. Ro-Woon is curious about her supervisor’s character, so she makes it a priority to learn as much as she can about him.

The same thing happens in this movie as it did in Business Proposal: the boss develops romantic feelings for one of his most skilled workers. This TV show is perfect for you if you like a little bit of a mystery mixed in with some romance.