The fear of being trapped in a tiny, packed space is known as claustrophobia, and it may affect specific individuals to the point that they avoid situations like elevators. Vertigo is often the root reason for a person’s fear of heights, which manifests itself in many ways. Fear may affect everyone, including well-known celebrities. 

The majority of people’s worries can be rationalized. However, the celebrities in question have irrational fears that make no sense. So, here is a list of celebrities who have insane phobias.

Celebrities With Strange Phobias

1. Kendall Jenner

The well-known Kardashian sister Kendall comes in at number one of the celebrities with strange phobias. Kendall disclosed her peculiar fear of groups of tiny holes, which she calls “trypophobia.” Trypophobia is an anagram of the word “terror.” 

She stated that she wouldn’t even look at anything with holes since doing so causes her the most significant worry. As a direct consequence, Kendall may experience agitation after consuming pancakes, honeycomb, and lotus heads.

2. Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman has one of the most peculiar phobias, a fear of insects. Although this may seem reasonable, the actor is not terrified of insects other than butterflies because of their beautiful and benign appearance. 

Given that she grew up where snakes and spiders are common, doesn’t that find it odd? When she was younger, she would try to get away from the butterflies by doing things such as “climbing over the fence, crawling around to the side of the house, or anything to avoid having to walk through the front gate.”

3. Johnny Depp

In many of his movies, Johnny Depp has drastically altered his look by using substantial makeup. But despite his popularity and stunning good looks, the actor can’t stand clowns and avoids them at all costs. 

This strange fear is known as coulrophobia, and it has its dedicated term. In the actor’s opinion, clowns have excessive amounts of makeup on them and convey an air of evil that lies under the surface.

4. Liam Payne

Liam Payne, a former member of One Direction, has acknowledged that he fears spoons. He said to the presenter of Capital FM that he does not have any anxiety while holding spoons, but that he does experience anxiety when eating with them, mainly if they are not his own. 

Liam continued by stating that his fear of spoons resulted from being forced to wash a large number of spoons as a kind of punishment at school. The fact that one may be diagnosed with this phobia and given a label for it is perhaps the most surprising thing.

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5. Elliot Page

We can’t think of any reasons why Elliot Page is terrified of tennis balls. He doesn’t even know why he is afraid of them himself! What he is aware of, though, is the fact that it is a debilitating phobia that compels him to leave the room while tennis is being shown on television.

6. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is terrified of dying, seeing ghosts, and being apart from her family. In one of her interviews, she said that she had arachnophobia, which is the fear of spiders, affecting her daily life. She remarked that she is worried that she may irritate other people with her behaviour.

7. Katy Perry

Katy Perry has been open about her struggles with nyctophobia, which may be defined as an unreasonable or severe fear of the darkness or nighttime. In one of her interviews back in 2010 that her anxiety is so crippling that she even sleeps with the lights on because she is convinced that bad things occur when it is dark because she is afraid of what may happen to her.