The card game known as the circle of death is a drinking game in which participants take turns drawing cards and carrying out the corresponding action depending on the card or color that was selected. It is imperative that you have your beers ready in advance since the majority of the cards need some kind of drinking activity to be completed.

Going forward in this article, we will check the circle of death rules!

Aim Of The Game

However, we may come up with a list of game objectives. One of them is obviously helping you and the people you’re with feel more connected to one another via socializing. In addition to this, it is an excellent method for breaking the ice and making new acquaintances, which is particularly useful in situations in which it is difficult to initiate new discussions.

On the other hand, I’m willing to wager that we can all agree that the purpose of the game is to make you all drunk. You will be prompted to drink a lot of times while you are completing various acts (the specific actions you perform depend on the card). “Circle of Death” is looking for grownups who are looking to socialize with other people while also consuming a significant number of alcoholic beverages.

It is important to point out that playing this drinking game forces you to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. You are aware of what you are able to handle and where you need to draw the line. It’s a two-birds-one-stone deal.

Things Needed To Play ‘Circle of Death’

We are always happy to learn that “Circle of Death” is one of these games that calls for a minimal amount of equipment, as was indicated before. To play it, you will need the following items:

  • Deck of Cards: You can use almost any classic or standard deck of playing cards successfully. Even if there are one or two cards missing from the deck. There is also the possibility of playing the game without using cards, but we will discuss this aspect of the game in a later section.
  • Drinks of your choice: We strongly suggest that you make use of beers if you are willing to refrain from drinking. In such cases, you may use shots of vodka, wine, or whatever else you choose. Therefore, you are free to utilize non-alcoholic beverages as well in case there are participants under the age of 21.
  • Can/bottle of beer or cup: This will serve as the focal point in the middle of the cards.

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Setting The Game Up

You won’t believe how easy it is to get started playing the game once you find out! First and foremost, put the cup or other beverage container down in the exact center of the table. This is all that is required of you. After that, place the cards, face down, around the cup in a circular pattern.

Before you can begin the game, there is nothing further you need to do on your end. Just a gentle reminder: if you have a big group of people, “Circle of Death” is a fun drinking game to play!

It is important to ensure that everyone is seated in a circle, most likely around the table, so that everyone can easily reach the cards. You are also free to sit on the floor if that is more convenient for you; however, the table is a safer option in the event that any liquid, including beverages, is spilled on it.

Make an effort to disperse the cards more evenly so that each player gets just one card to draw and there are no misunderstandings throughout the game.

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How To Play Circle Of Death

Here are the circle of death rules:

After reading the introduction, you now know that the objective of the game is for each player to draw a card and then carry out a predetermined action. Therefore, after you have done setting up the game, choose one of the players to go first. Here are some suggestions: the player who is the oldest, the one with blue eyes, the person who laughs the most, and so on and so forth.

Now, one of the players goes first and pulls a card from the stack of cards that is in the centre of the table. Keep in mind that you should not break the circle of cards. If you do that, you will definitely need a drink. The following descriptions apply to each card:

  • Ace: When an Ace is drawn, the game is over for all of the players. When playing using the Waterfall rule, the game begins with the first player taking a drink, followed by all of the other players taking a drink in a waterfall-like manner. They are only allowed to stop drinking if the person in front of them does so first.
  • 2 to 5: You have to drink the same amount of beverages as the number that is printed on the card.
  • 6 to 8: If the card is red, you have to drink the same amount as the number on the card. If the card is black, you are responsible for providing the refreshments.
  • 9: Now it’s time to begin the game of Categories. The participant who drew a nine has to name the category (for example, “cars”), and the rest of the players need to offer something pertinent to their category. Whoever screws up, drinks!
  • 10: You are required to speak out any word that comes to mind and you must do it immediately. The next step of the game requires each participant, in turn, to recite a word that rhymes with yours. Whoever defies the rule or searches for a term for an excessive amount of time must drink!
  • Jack: It’s time for the Thumb Master to shine! Because you are the master, the other players are expected to follow your lead and place their thumbs on the table (or the floor) whenever you do so. The player who finished their turn last must have a drink.
  • Queen: The person who drew a Queen is obligated to pose a question to another player of their choosing. After replying, that player is responsible for posing a question to another participant. The first person who either takes too long to respond or refuses to do so is required to take a drink.
  • King: You have permission to create a new rule for the game. This includes even overturning a prior rule that was a part of the “Circle of Death.”

We hope that you understand the circle of death rules! Happy Playing.