For a long time, electronic mail and telephone conversations have been the backbone of any company’s communication plans. The equipment is outdated. However, they may be relied upon and are commonly used as methods of communication. By the article’s conclusion, you will understand why SMS is superior to other means of communication, like email and voice calls.

Using corporate texting software may make messaging even quicker and more effective

It doesn’t take long to send a text message from your phone or a company’s text messaging software.
Utilizing your cell phone for professional purposes isn’t ideal if you often text. Your personal cell phone’s messaging app could be more advanced. It can only handle several simultaneous text chats (both one-way and two-way). One’s incoming, and outgoing text messages may be organized and directed via a centralized SMS mailbox. Imagine a communal or personal email inbox with the speed and convenience of texting.

Digit area codes and toll-free numbers are both compatible with texting

For short message service (SMS) phone numbers, multiple uses may be found. Most existing phone numbers may be used for texting or converted to text mode. Here are some of your potential choices:

  • Ten-digit area codes
  • Calls to these lines are free of charge.
  • Use of Already Extant Business Phone Numbers
  • Lines for doing business already in existence
  • Quick Dialing Codes

To make a regular phone number or landline compatible with text messages, you must file a phone forwarding or porting request. The remainder is handled by your firm’s chosen business texting service.

The use of premade themes, tags, pictures, and links in one’s text messages is a time-saver and a great way to add personality to one’s communications

Email to SMS is the method of choice whenever a company has to send a message or have a conversation with another firm. Writing and tailoring an email to SMS is a simple task. In contrast to emails, texts may be sent and received just as quickly, and they are less formal. You may be more casual and conversational with the other person in a text.

Text messaging software’s themes, labels, media, and links are other common elements. Because of this, it’s simple to add a touch of warmth and practicality to one’s text messages.
Business texting software, such as Guni, allows users to store text as a template that may be used in the future. The recipient’s first name may be pre-populated in this template using personalisation tags. Emoticons, photographs, GIFs, and other MMS data, as well as links, may all be included in text messages.

Text message broadcasts have a large potential audience since they may be sent to many individuals simultaneously.

Since you can text more individuals in less time, you can get more done. Marketing through email is very efficient. However, SMS marketing campaigns and broadcast text messages provide another equally effective method of reaching a large audience. Sending out mass text messages is as simple as uploading a contact list, organizing those contacts into groups, selecting a premade template, and hitting send. Remember that sending mass text messages from a single individual device is illegal. To get your word out to many individuals at once, you need bulk text message advertising software like Guni.

If you are authenticated with your carrier, your texts will arrive immediately.

Consistently receiving emails might be challenging. Message-sharing platforms like Gmail do constant spam checks. As a result, many promotional messages end up in the spam folder.
Furthermore, each individual gets around 120 emails daily on average. Because of this, there is only a small window of time for messages to be read.

On the other hand, nearly everyone has a smartphone or mobile phone that can access the internet and receive SMS. The recipient’s mobile phone is the direct recipient of your text message. This is the main benefit of texting compared to email.

Better delivery of your text messages

Companies like Guni have created business messaging systems that make it simple to verify employees’ identities. All that is required is submitting a form detailing the relevant details of your company or group. High percentages of recipients read and interact with text messages. Every day, people get hundreds of emails. But around one-fifth of us (about 17%) have no emails that haven’t been read. When compared, 74% of persons report having no unread text messages.

Texts, on the other hand, are virtually always read instantly. In less than a minute, 98% of messages are read. Furthermore, typical response times are far more expedient than email. As a result, thanks to texting, you may join the 10 daily text chats your contacts already enjoy. The likelihood of a positive reaction to your communications has increased by almost ten as a result.

Response times are crucial in commercial correspondence; thus, this is important.

Texting allows you to keep track of a more significant number of lively discussions at once and receive more responses. Messages may be sent automatically and on a schedule. Automating text messages is as simple as automating an email.
The first step is setting up recurring text message reminders for items like appointments and bills. Services like Guni make it possible to string together many replies through text messages. However, automated responses via text message may also be programmed.

Even in customer service, automation may help establish baseline expectations.

You may still send an SMS when you are out and about or unable to take a call. This replaces the need for sending and receiving emails and phone calls manually. Furthermore, this method prevents you from repeatedly responding to the same questions. Text message reminders for appointments and payments have increased attendance and sped up payments. Appointment reminders, bill payment requests, and other texts may all be scheduled in advance by text message.

This concludes our comparison between texting and voicemail.

As a medium, text messaging is supplementary to more traditional ones like email and speech. Your plan for interacting with your audience will be complete with the use of text messages. People have several methods they choose to use while conversing. Specific methods of communication are superior to others when it comes to reaching specific individuals at specific times in particular ways. That’s why texting is an excellent method to supplement other channels for communicating with your connections and consumers.

Are you prepared to begin texting your clients and customers? Guni is here to provide more efficient and streamlined text messaging.