Fonts that are clean and simple to read are vital in any design. Your fonts will be overlooked if they appear thin or extra crowded. To solve this purpose, a text generator will help you find the ideal font. 

So, we have decided to cover a list of the best fancy text generators that you could use for stylizing the perfect font for your next website. This will help in propelling your branding one step further!

What Is A Fancy Text Generator?

A fancy text generator is a simple web application that converts regular text into superscript and even subscript text, depending on the settings. It is simple to use and takes no time. To access a fancy text generator, you’ll need a network connection. You may quickly access a fancy text generator even by using a smartphone.

Most Effective Fancy Text Generators In 2022

Some fascinating fancy text generators are made more widely accessible at cheaper pricing to encourage more people to use them. So, check out some of the most creative and fun fancy text generators available:

1. GlowTxt

Glowtxt is a simple fancy font text generator of online text that allows you to produce visually appealing text such as PNG or GIF images. Only the amount and design can be selected from the menu, and the animation or glow effect may be turned on or off. 

The colour of the luminous backdrop can also be changed. If you did not add a glow effect or animation, you would have to download a PNG file, which is a disappointment. If you did, it would be downloaded as a GIF image. You may keep clicking on the download button till you are satisfied.

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2. Font Meme

It is possible to create text for your favourite businesses and logos in various appealing designs with Font Meme, an online fancy text generator. Because this is a premium service, you have to click on the purchase link before downloading and installing the application.

There is a variety of free fonts available on Font Meme. This font may be included in your website using an independent HTML sniper or a direct picture link. So, you need to search for a free font, choose one, choose a colour and impact, then hit “Generate” to create a new document.

3. Stylish Text Generator

Stylish Text Generator is the quickest and most straightforward method of changing the characters between one word or phrase and the next word or expression. It is a fun alternative for copying and pasting beautiful text. Under “Text Effects,” you can insert unique characters, icons, and other language characters into your text.

4. Cool Text

Cool text is a free, quirky text generator that allows you to create a logo quickly. You don’t have to do anything more than select the font type you want, enter your text, select your colours, and add a shadow and icon (if wanted) to complete the process. This may then be accessible as a PNG file, or you can fill out a form that will provide you with the necessary HTML code.

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5. GraffWriter

If you are just interested in typefaces that have a graffiti-style look, you would like GraffWriter. This online font generator makes it possible for users to explore the alphabet, movies, effects, and ideas without having to pay a fee to access the official and premium collection of Graffiti Fonts. 

You don’t need to register, keep a record, or provide any personal information to use these ideas to create bespoke artworks for things like posters, stickers, logos, and flyers, among other things. The fancy text generator Agario has a worthy competitor in this one, which is rather enjoyable.

6. Online Text Generator

If you are a serious fan of calligraphy, then you probably know about online text generator. This enables you to design a custom typeface based on one of thirteen calligraphy subjects that are now available. There are many different themes, such as 3D, bubble, gothic, and graffiti. You may use a variety of different styles within each overall theme.

You can choose the size of the image’s text and backdrop, in addition to the font and color. When you are finished, you may click the “Create” button, and once that is done, you can put an HTML code into the image. A wonderful illustration of a flawless fancy text generator copy and paste is provided by this online text generator.

7. Glyphs

You can create all web fonts using Glyphs as your starting point for creating full-text styles. 

Even all languages are included in the program, as well as compatibility for Unicode 7 and intelligent placing of components. 

Other features include automatic diacritic matching, mark insertion, and smart positioning of items. Using this fancy text editor, you can produce some very impressive fancy writing.

8. BirdFont

Birdfont is a free fancy text gen editor that may be used for the development of vector graphics as well as the exporting of EOT, TTF, and SVG fonts. You will now be able to rotate texts 45 degrees and handle texts with the help of Birdfont’s text generator. This is available for free.

Additionally, support for high-resolution monitors is included. Even if you aren’t very experienced, you shouldn’t have any trouble using the app since it offers a broad variety of functions wrapped up in an intuitive layout that is simple, clean, and easy to grasp.

9. FontForge

FontForge is a cost-free text editor that can be easily and quickly installed on any Windows-based device with no card details required. It is compatible with a wide variety of font file types and formats, including TrueType, PostScript, OpenType, and others.

In addition, if you go to their official website, you may obtain a starting guide that will assist you in beginning the process of developing your amusing fonts. The handbook is quite thorough yet easy to read.

10. WebFont Generator

The usage of regular typefaces is not going to cut it if you are planning on creating a website; instead, you will need to make use of your creative mind. Depending on what you want, Webfont is the best tool that you can use as a fancy text generator.

The Upshot

There will always be confusion about which fonts to choose for perfect branding. Fancy text generators will always provide some of the best ideas for fonts. Most fancy text generators are free of cost, making them a cherry on the top!