One of the most terrifying situations in the modern era is losing your smartphone. Your contact information, personal details, photos, and potentially even financial information are all included. It’s a gold mine for thieves and other troublemakers. Fortunately, there are certain steps you can do to get your phone back.

One of the most reliable methods of finding your phone back is having a reliable Find My Device app installed on your smartphone. So, here’s a list of some of the best “Find My Device apps.

1. Life360 Family Locator

The Life360 Family Locator does exactly what it says. It enables you to build a collective with your loved ones and friends, after which you can locate them using their devices. As you might expect, it aids in the recovery of lost devices. The advantage is that you have control over who can locate your phone. You can always keep this information confidential.

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2. TrackView

Well, TrackView is Android software for family safety. The application transforms your smartphone into a GPS-enabled, networked IP camera. Additionally, it offers useful information such as event specifics, two-way audio detection, IP camera for home security, and more.

Additionally, the premium plan offers cloud storage choices for your recordings’ backup. The finest IP camera and GPS location app for Android is TrackView.

3. GEOFinder

The GEOFinder offers a novel method for locating a person. With the help of the app, you may quickly determine the precise location of the target. Knowing the cell phone number and properly inserting it are the only requirements.

By the way, you can customize the message using the app. There is no cap on the number of queries, and GEOfinder can track on any phone. Devices running iOS and Android can both use the app. It appears to be a straightforward system-generated message and communicates by sending messages to the person’s phone.

4. iSharing Location Tracker

Another intriguing application for finding a misplaced phone and simultaneously keeping track of family members is iSharing Location Tracker. The application is packed with tools for finding enabled devices’ locations.

You may organize groups, chat with group members, and keep track of their whereabouts in real-time. You receive notifications when a group member enters or exits a location. You can also see group members’ past whereabouts.

What makes it special? An intriguing function of iSharing is called Panic Alert, which notifies other users when you shake your phone. Because of its great features, it has gained a good position on our list of the best Find My Device apps.

5. Familonet

Families or other organizations that want to stay in the loop about each other’s whereabouts should use this app. You can always see where each member of your group is, and you are notified when they leave or enter a location (such as home, work, or school).

Additionally, you may quickly see every group member. Also, the application can find stolen or missing phones.

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6. Prey Project

People trust Prey Project since starting. Its sole function is to aid in the recovery of your phone in the event of a loss. It offers fundamental functions like locking your smartphone, finding your phone, and sounding an alarm.

Additionally, you’ll be able to take images to find out where your device might be and gather network data to find out where it has been. What matters most is that the majority of people seem to find this Find My Device app effective. The best reason to use this application is that this is a completely free application with a myriad of other options.