Your smartphone is the first thing you reach for in almost every situation. It is something we take with us everywhere, including when we exercise. There are several uses for smartphones, ranging from recording precious moments to having video conversations with friends and family.

It doesn’t matter whether you like to exercise in the comfort of your own home or are a dedicated member of your local club; the app store is brimming with applications designed to make your workouts more efficient. So, here are some of the best free-running apps you can install!

1. Nike+ Run

You can publish (and customize) pictures of your running experience on the community feed of the Nike+ Run Club, compete with friends on leaderboards, and run without your phone if you have an Apple Watch. This is all part of the Nike+ Run Club package, which also includes personalized coaching plans.

The new version keeps track of your pace, location, distance, elevation, heart rate, and mile splits, just as the previous one did, so that you are constantly aware of your stats. This is one of the best free running apps that you can use.

2. Runkeeper

Runkeeper is the application that any purist who is seeking free running applications should focus on. Its only purpose is to ensure that the specifics of your runs are always within easy reach. The application keeps track of your speed, distance traveled, the total amount of time spent exercising, the total number of calories burnt, and other valuable stats.

Runkeeper also enables you to snap images along the way, tag them, and share them with other users so that they may get ideas for their runs. In addition, the app collaborates with other applications to compile comprehensive reports of your actions, which you then have the option of publishing to your social network.

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3. Adidas Train & Run

The Adidas Train and Run app not only keeps track of all of your accomplishments but also enables you to make further advancements. The interactive smartphone application and GPS tracker provide you with training advice from qualified instructors, personalized workout applications designed to assist you in accomplishing certain objectives, and real-time audio commentary from seasoned athletes.

4. Map My Run

After Under Armour’s purchase of the platform one year ago, the most popular route tracker, Map My Run, received a significant update to its user interface. It is free, and it can direct you on a journey regardless of where you are in the world.

Map My Run is an excellent app for runners who often travel since it provides hundreds of routes in cities all over the globe, many of which have been reported and evaluated by runners who live in the region. In addition, the app may save up to 600 of your favorite personal routes, allowing you to quickly access one of them whenever you find yourself lacking inspiration.

5. Runtastic

Runtastic gives you the ability to examine all of your routes overlaid on a Google Earth map, which is very helpful for those who aren’t as good with directions. This feature, combined with real-time route mapping, tracking of pace and distance, and monitoring of metrics, makes this app an easy addition to your existing workout routine.

6. Strava

Even though Strava promotes itself as being “built by athletes, for athletes,” the platform is ideal for those who are just beginning their journeys in the sport of running. The smartphone app and companion website of Strava are most often used to keep track of various forms of physical activity, including running, walking, hiking, and cycling.

However, given that it also has functions for social networking, it is far more than just that.
Users of Strava can plan out their runs, log and monitor their runs, prepare for specific running events, and interact with friends and other app users all while using the app.

After you have created a profile, you will be able to communicate with other users and share your runs using the app. Imagine Strava as being similar to the timeline on your Facebook account. You may “like” and comment on other people’s runs, which is a terrific way to develop a community of runners who have similar interests as well as a great way to get ideas for new running routes.

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7. Pacer

Pacer is one of the most intuitive and simple-to-use running applications currently available.
The pacer was developed to assist regular people with varying levels of physical activity in becoming more active and making better choices throughout their lives. Pacer makes exercise easy, since who said that it needed to be difficult?

Because the app Pacer was designed to be as user-friendly and accessible as possible, it takes just a basic understanding of technology to use. The software takes great pleasure in the fact that it is “clutter-free,” which implies that it only includes features that you will use. This ensures that customers are not utterly overwhelmed when they first download the app.