GRID Autosport is a one-on-one racing video game produced by Codemasters and distributed by Feral Interactive. After achieving tremendous success on personal computers, GRID Autosport was ported to mobile platforms, quickly establishing itself as the most visually sophisticated racing game available for such devices. In November 2019, the game was downloaded on Android and iOS.

GRID Autosport is all about the teams, the rivals, and the intense races in a new world of professional motorsport. In Career mode, you can satisfy team sponsors by winning challenging races with the best cars.

GRID Autosport was developed and published by Codemasters. GRID Autosport has many qualities that are worthy of praise, and it’s difficult to find anything wrong to say about it. But every game has a sloppy edge, and this article is the best place for GRID Autosport review!

Positive Sides Of GRID Autosport

1. Highly Realistic

We’ll start with this and get it out of the way so you don’t stop reading due to the hype. Autosport offers a level of detail and realism that no other racing game on the mobile platform can compare with at the moment. After playing so many racing games, you will realize that the mobile platform has received the triple-A console racer it deserves.

The players will hear the clamor of the audience and the squeal of the large, fat, and slick tyres as they travel across the smooth asphalt. You feel the GRID more than just being able to affect it because of its fantastic movement, which captures every tiny turn or slide.

2. Pay Once, Play Forever

It’s a reasonably neat concept on Feral Interactive’s part to let players buy the game with a single payment and access all of its features simultaneously. This encompasses all of the game modes as well as all of the downloadable content packs together.

The price may put some players off, but when you consider that you’ll also receive free access to over a dozen other game modes, including Downloadable Content, and the ability to play the game entirely offline, it’s a pretty good value overall.

3. Unique Career Mode

The Career Mode of GRID Autosport is perhaps the most exciting feature of the game since it allows you to compete for real-life sponsors and win tournaments on their behalf. They will offer you automobiles and a partner without you having to do anything, so there is no obligation on your behalf. This makes the Career Mode one of the game’s most exciting aspects.

You only need to compete in one race for other sponsors like Razer, Intel, BMW, and others to begin seeking for you to represent their brands. The training before each race in the career mode is a fantastic concept since it enables players to grow used to the different courses before the actual race gets underway.

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4. Custom Mode

Custom Mode is another aspect of this game that we find fantastic. In the “custom mode,” you can establish the race rules and the difficulty level for yourself, allowing you to feel like the boss for a change. You may race in the day or night conditions, adjust the difficulty level, choose a map of your choice, determine the number of laps, or you can randomize the whole thing to suit your needs. In custom mode, you’re in charge.

The Negatives Of GRID Autosport

1. Awful Control Adjustments

One of the first pieces of advice you’ll find in this game’s tutorial is “GRID Autosport was built to be challenging.” It’s easily the most truthful line you’ll read during the experience. GRID Autosport is, without a doubt, a challenging video game. GRID Autosport is not like other racing games in which you have the choice to select features like auto acceleration and auto brakes.

Instead, this game does not provide these options to its players. For example, the auto accelerates feature is unavailable to players outside the Rookie and Professional levels. Because higher levels of difficulty, such as Veteran and Master, do not have auto-accelerate or auto-brake settings that offer you the entire control over your vehicle, playing at these levels is very challenging because even the smallest error may cause you to finish last in a race.

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2. Terrible Vehicle Handling

Handling your car is another aspect that contributes to providing complete control of your vehicle. Many cars in GRID Autosport have awful handling, which causes them to lose control whenever they make even the tiniest curve. And the control tweaks in the game aren’t handy when driving the vehicle to handle how you want it to according to your chosen control style.

Certain automobiles with excellent grip do not have any difficulties, but the vast majority do. Many players who aren’t familiar with the game’s mechanics will find this quite frustrating, even though it won’t be much of an issue for someone already familiar with how to alter the controls.

3. Rear-view Cameras Need Improvement

The rear-view camera in GRID Autosport was far from ideal compared to other racing games like Real Racing 3. Most vehicles have a somewhat fuzzy back view that is not exactly what we would define as a realistic vision, despite a few light sports cars having superb rear views.