Chatbots are pretty popular right now! Businesses may reach new consumers at a cheap cost by interacting with these artificial characters that can participate in dialogue with people. In light of the increasing popularity of chatbots and the rapid expansion of technology, it is essential to offer your chatbot a unique name.

As we advance in this article, we will know why to choose a bot name and some of the best bot names!

Why Choose A Bot Name?

Chatbots and artificial intelligence assistants are distinct from human agents. Each company has a different job for them, and they are bots at the end of the day. So, why do they need a name? Here are four reasons why you should choose a bot name:

1. Names Humazine Bot

Tech teams all around the globe are putting in much effort to build chatbots and virtual assistants that are as similar to humans as possible in their conversational abilities. Due to artificial intelligence, this is now achievable. 

Because they adopt many human features, it only seems reasonable to give chatbots human names. Consumers who engage with them will see them as more accurate and human-like due to this.

2. Bot Name Creates A Bond

The naming process is universal, transcending geographical boundaries, cultural boundaries, and time. Since the beginning of recorded history, people have given names to everything, from mountains to their fellow beings. 

A name establishes an emotional tie through developing identification and compelling connotations in the mind of the person who bears the name. As a result, individuals who raise animals for food do not usually give them names.

3. People Relate Names With Attributes

Giving a product a name that sounds loving, lovely, and yet bold may assist in creating the exact image of the product in the eyes of potential buyers. Precisely the same holds for your chatbot. 

By giving your chatbot a name, you are indicating to customers what type of customer care they may expect from you. A chatbot that starts texting clients without addressing them by their first name may seem impersonal.

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Hints For Choosing Bot Name

  • Keep Things Simple: Keep it as simple as possible. Choose a name that is straightforward to remember. If you give your bot a demanding name to make it stand out, your customers may find it challenging to remember it later.
  • Take Advantage of Alliteration: If your company name is humorous or punny, or if it incorporates clever methods such as alliteration, it will be simpler for your customers to recall the name.
  • Avoid Using Overly Specific Names: For example, if you’re creating a fitness or health bot, don’t use the name FitNess. It’s overtly apparent and unimaginative.
  • Don’t Be Boastful: Boasting about your business using your chatbot or boasting about the perfection of your chatbot is never a good idea. It leaves a bad impact on the clients trying to interact with your business if the server of the chatbot is down!

Some Of The Best Bot Names

  • Blabbermouth
  • Talking Impala
  • Hey!
  • Bigmouth
  • Beep boop
  • Binary boy
  • KontiNew
  • Dormant door
  • Lasagna 
  • Wisdom Beep

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Choosing The Most Creative Bot Name

It is critical to choose the appropriate name for your chatbot. Keep in mind that in your quest for the proper name, you should not sacrifice the functionality of your chatbot. Please make sure that your bot truly functions and does the function for its design.