Control F is not available on the iPhone, just as it is available on your PC or laptop. Your computer will enable you to use the command, but your smartphone does not have a search tab that allows you to filter out the results. 

Users may scan their phone’s applications for the terms they are looking for, but they can use other methods to locate the words they are looking for on iPhone. But we got your back with this article where we have compiled different methods of how to use Control F on iPhone!

How To Use Control F On Safari Browser?

  • Enter your search word in the address bar at the top of the screen after navigating to the website you want to search.
  • Scroll down to the section. You should be able to see the number of times a specific word or phrase appears on the page in parentheses next to the section’s title. To continue, choose the entry immediately below this information.
  • After returning to the website, you may move among the pages by using the controls at the bottom of the screen, which will take you to each occurrence of that term that appears on the page.

These were the steps of doing Command F on iPhone using Safari. Now we will see how to use Control F on Google Chrome!

How To Use Control F On Google Chrome?

In addition, if you are using the Chrome web browser, you may go through similar steps. There are a few differences in the icons, and it’s even more difficult to spot than the Safari option. Still, it’s there, hidden in a sub-menu.

  • Click on the Share button at the bottom of the site where you wish to search for a term.
  • “Find on Page” or “Find in Page” may be found by scrolling down the page. Select that item from the drop-down menu.
  • You are returned to the site page, with a search bar visible at the top of the page. The term you are looking for will appear on the website instantly after typing in the search field. You can see the number of occurrences of that term on the page at the end of the search bar and traverse between them by clicking on them.

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How To Use Control F In PDF?

Suppose you wish to locate a particular word or phrase in a PDF document on your iPhone. In that case, the Adobe Acrobat Reader will be the most convenient option. To search for a specific phrase, you should open the document, touch on the “looking glass” icon at the top of the screen, and then input the term into the search box.

If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may also use iBooks to view and print PDF documents. It operates in the same manner. Open the PDF file in which you wish to perform your search and hit the “magnifying glass” icon to begin the search.

How To Use Control F In Messaging App On iPhone?

Apple’s native Messages app also has a search box at the top, which allows you to look for messages that include a specific term across all of your discussion threads. You may use the iMessage app to search for any word or phrase by tapping on the search bar. You can also reach it by swiping it down from the top of the screen.

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Simplest Ways Of Using Control F On iPhone

With the Control-F keyboard shortcut, you may scan web pages and documents for particular keywords or phrases. Even though it is convenient, the shortcut is sadly not accessible for iPhone users. But using our detailed guide, you may efficiently perform the same operation as Control F.