Keeping in contact with friends, family members, and even coworkers is easier than ever with the help of Apple’s FaceTime, which can be accessed on any iOS device equipped with a camera. If this is your first time using Facetime, you may be confused about which buttons do what and how to adjust the volume of your calls. If this is the case, continue reading.

This article will teach us how to turn down FaceTime volume and why FaceTime is so loud!

Why Is FaceTime So Loud?

While chatting with a friend or family member over FaceTime, you must be able to hear them as well as is humanly feasible. However, there may be occasions when you discover that even when the volume is dialed down to its lowest level, it will still look as if your iPhone is turned up to 11.

The explanation is relatively straightforward: Apple has programmed FaceTime to automatically increase the volume of the call if there is noise in the background to maintain a high level of call quality. This means that even if your iPhone’s volume is cranked down to the point that it is barely heard, FaceTime will still boost its volume to compensate for any outside noise, even though it looks like that volume can’t possibly be adequate.

Why Won’t FaceTime Volume Turn Down?

Doesn’t it drive you crazy when the volume button on Facetime doesn’t turn down?
Suppose you have attempted to utilize FaceTime on your iPhone, only to discover that the volume won’t decrease. In that case, you are not the only one to have had this experience. We understand how you’re feeling and are here to provide a hand.

The first thing you need to do is determine whether or not the volume has been set to its lowest possible level. If this is the case, and the volume level is still unacceptable, there are a few potential causes. Here are three of the most typical explanations for why your volume control on Facetime won’t work:

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Volume At Minimum Level

Suppose you have previously attempted to lower your device’s volume, but it is still not functioning. In that case, this is most likely why. You could want to double-check your settings to ensure that it hasn’t been raised by mistake.

FaceTime Is Naturally Loud

Before beginning FaceTime, you may want to turn down the volume on your phone and see if it makes a difference. Suppose this is occurring with other applications as well. In that case, the problem may be that FaceTime was created with a large amount of sound in mind — so much so that it may easily overshadow other noises in your phone’s surroundings.

Volume Button Not Working

If nothing of these options works for you, then the issue may still be with your phone itself; the volume buttons may be damaged or otherwise not operating correctly. If neither of these solutions works for you, then the issue may still be with your phone. In this scenario, you will need to contact Apple support or walk into an Apple shop so that the employees there may have a look at the device.

How To Turn Down FaceTime Volume?

Close All The Applications

Other applications on your smartphone may be eating up all their processing power when you’re using Facetime, which means there’s no room left for you to change the volume. This happens when you use many apps at the same time. Before attempting again, make sure that all other applications are closed.

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Reduce Volume

You may reduce the volume on your phone by pushing the volume button until it reaches a lower level. However, if you press the button too far, you may accidentally turn off the speaker mode on your phone. This will give you a general notion of how much lower you can go before the quality of your call begins to suffer. After that, if you speak to someone who isn’t as concerned about their hearing loss as you are, you may raise the volume once more.

Exit Speaker Mode

To lower the level on FaceTime, turn off the speaker mode. To access the Control Center on your device, swipe your finger up from the bottom of the screen. Tap the Mute button. You should see a new symbol next to the one that says Mute; it depicts a speaker with a line going through it. Repeatedly tapping this symbol will turn off the mute mode.

Call Back

Whether all else fails, hang up and try calling back using FaceTime again. You can do this by pressing and holding either Side Button until an option appears asking if you want to hang up or redial the number.

Start Recording

You may put this tip to the test on your iPhone or iPad by beginning a screen recording using the Screen Record function and then immediately stopping the recording. This will provide you with the ability to monitor what’s going on. After that, get back into the app to make any necessary adjustments to the volume.

The Upshot

You are experiencing issues with the phone’s microphone or speaker. This may occur if you drop it, get wet, or use it too much, and the components wear out over time. It may also happen if you drop it or if it gets wet. If this is the case with you, you should bring your device to an Apple shop or the place from where you purchased it so that they may repair it.