There are built-in shortcuts for various operations in most operating systems, including the macOS. On the other hand, these shortcuts are not as adaptable as you would imagine. 

Karabiner Elements, previously known as KeyRemap4MacBook, is a new application that provides a workaround for the macOS keyboard customisation limitations. We will talk about Karabiner Elements and see how efficient it is!

What Is Karabiner Elements?

Karabiner Elements is a keyboard customisation software for macOS that allows you to change different parts of your Mac keyboard. You may use it to change the behaviour of almost every key on your keyboard, including the standard keys and the function and modifier keys, and it is pretty versatile. 

Additionally, you can build profiles and device-specific adjustments for your keyboard, which is not available with many keyboard customisation software. Another feature that distinguishes Karabiner Elements as a popular alternative for customising Mac keyboards is its ability to accommodate more sophisticated customisations than similar software. 

The software allows you to do operations such as generating hotkeys to transmit key events, adjusting the behaviour of the mouse buttons, setting up hyper keys, and changing the modifier keys.

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How To Use Karabiner Elements On MacOS?

As previously noted, Karabiner Elements enables you to make a variety of keyboard customisations on your Mac computer. We are providing a list of modifications that you can make with Karabiner Elements:

1. Simple Modifications

Simple modifications are the modifications that involve altering the behaviour of one key to that of another key. For example, you may use it to make the Caps Lock key on your keyboard behave as a Shift Key by pressing it twice.

2. Function Keys

Function keys, often known as F-keys, are special-purpose keys that allow you to do various tasks on your computer fast and efficiently. However, it is doubtful that you will utilise almost every one of the 12 function keys on the keyboard. Given that specific keys are currently underused, it is recommended that you remap them to other activities on your Mac to get the most out of your keyboard.

You may use the manual technique and remap function keys directly from the system preferences on your Mac keyboard. However, using Karabiner Elements, which gives you greater control over the behaviour of function keys, is a preferable method of doing this.

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3. Complex Modifications

Karabiner Elements outperforms other keyboard modification applications when doing complex modifications. Among its many applications, the ones where you can make the most of it are when you want to enter alternative characters on the keyboard without touching the Shift key.

You can even use it to change your crucial behaviour so that brackets and quotations auto-close when you click the Enter key. To make such significant changes, you have two alternatives. You may either build your own rule or import one from the internet.

Giving Your MacOS Wings With Karabiner Elements

Karabiner Elements is a valuable addition to your macOS if you want to execute various tasks using keyboard shortcuts. You can also modify the default behaviour of almost all types of keys to fit your own needs and preferences using the Karabiner elements. 

Karabiner Elements is completely safe to download if you are downloading it from official documentation or website. So, we could conclude by saying that Karabiner Elements give your macOS a pair of special wings!