There are many reasons for muscle soreness, including sitting for extended periods at the studio, working in front of a screen that isn’t of a proper height, and most importantly, working out. 

However, you no longer have to go through the pain all day since a new generation of high-tech recuperation devices are now accessible to assist you. One such device is the Hyperice Hypervolt GO portable massage therapy gun, which is small enough to fit in a bag and may be used even while travelling.

So, we are here with the Hypervolt GO review. At the end of this article, you will know whether you should take it or avoid it!

  1. Build & Design

The Hypervolt Go is designed in a small and ergonomic manner. It is small and lightweight, weighing just 680 gms, allowing you to take it everywhere you go. The well-constructed gadget features a premium finish applied to the top of its composite shell, which provides an excellent grip. 

Its ergonomic shape allows it to be held comfortably and readily in hand. You may customize the gadget by switching out the two interchangeable head attachments that come with it to best fit the region that you want to target.

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  1. Performance

The Hypervolt Go delivers portable percussion massage therapy. It is a perfect light and powerful device. It provides the muscular relaxation you need to continue working. When used properly, the GO can produce up to 3,200 percussions per minute, sufficient to relax, recoup, and maintain energy levels.

The Hypervolt Go is also equipped with unique QuietGlide technology, which allows for almost quiet operation. You will hardly hear any noise when using the massager (we will discuss this point in detail). Your muscles will benefit from its compact design, which allows you to massage them independently. 

It helps decrease muscle soreness and stiffness, improve muscle performance, speed up warm-up and recovery times, and increase the body’s range of motion and flexibility. It promises to provide 2.5+ hours of battery life per charge. 

If you use the gadget for 10 to 20 minutes each day, you may get one or two weeks of usage out of a single charge, which is truly remarkable. The gadget is TSA-approved for carry-on travel, allowing you to take it wherever you go. It has three massage speeds and two interchangeable attachments.

  1. Working

Hypervolt Go is roughly the size of a small blow drier and comes with two attachments that you put on your muscles. It rotates through three vibrating speeds at the touch of a button, with the first speed being the least intense and the final level being the most extreme percussive movement.

  1. Is Hypervolt GO Noisy?

The QuietGlide technology used by the firm ensures that the Hypervolt Go never sounds excessively loud on any of its three settings. The gadget produces about the same amount of noise as, for example, a microwave or a tiny fan on your bedside. 

After a long day, you will prefer to use something like this massage treatment gun instead of your vibrating foam roller, which produces more noise.

Hyperice Hypervolt GO: Final Verdict

Hypervolt Go is one of the most effective portable handheld instruments available for relieving discomfort right now, bar none. Thanks to the brand’s app and diverse array of attachments, this rechargeable rehabilitation tool is a worthy investment. It can be used for everything from fitness relief to targeting particular muscles on your own.

So, you should take Hyperice Hypervolt GO right away if you are an injury-prone person or if you have the habit of frequent workouts.