Players of Roblox Critical Legends stand to gain a great deal from the use of the unique goods that can be discovered inside the treasure chests that are dispersed over the global map of the game. These chests contain a variety of scrolls that may increase your strength and protect you throughout the most challenging stages of your journey.

Top 11 Chest’s location in Critical Legends Game:

In this guide, we will list down the location of chests in the Critical Legends game!

1. Location Of The Spawn Chests In Critical Legends

  • On the boat, to the right of the spawning grounds, punch.
  • A pickaxe may be found at the top of the steps before spawn.
  • On the roof of a shanty located to the left of the spawn point, behind the apple tree.
  • The Beta Factory may be found atop the shed to the left of the Legit Shop.
  • Inside the Legit Shop, You Can Get Your Beta Ticket.

2. Primis Field Chests

  • Under the apple tree at the first left turn is where you may get the Rage Scroll.
  • The Sharpener Rock may be found within Cave 1 after making the first right turn after ascending the stairs.
  • Inside Cave 1, make a left turn and continue until you reach the purple hell gate at the very end. On the opposite side of the portal, take a left turn, then cross a long bridge, but keep an eye out for a chest among the rocks to your right surrounded by lava.
  • Just beyond the entrance to Cave 1.

3. Thyrus Wood Chest

  • The first chest that can be found at the entrance to Thyrus Wood contains a Hunting Dagger.
  • Icy Shield may be found below the apple tree on the first left turn.
  • Venom Scroll may be found to the south of the store called Arsenal.
  • Campfire Wood is located in the southern portion of the forest, next to a large fire pit.

4. Flower Fields Chest

  • The Sun Fragment may be found on the dark platform that is located in front of Flower Fields.
  • The Flower Fields have a Honeycomb right in the middle of them.
  • At the northern border of the Flower Fields is where you’ll find Honeyshield.
  • The Queen’s Soul may be found immediately next to Queen Bee at the southern wall of the fields.

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5. Slime King’s Chest Locations

  • Behind the tree in the northern portion of the Slime King’s Forest is where you’ll find the Barrage.
  • The King’s Crown may be found along the wall along the forest’s eastern edge.
  • The location of the Slime Jar is at the most southeasterly part of the woodland.
  • Located in the far southwestern part of the woodland.
  • Ignite Scroll may be found outside Cave 2 and next to the crates.

6. Punky Sky Chests

  • Force Field: From the southeastern corner of the territory ruled by the Slime King, ascend the winding staircase that leads to the Trading Place. Look for a chest perched atop the home with boxes along the walls to the right of the Arsenal store. To go to Punky Sky island, you must take a boat.
  • Located at one of the massive pillars to the left of the Arsenal store after crossing the bridge.
  • The Blood to Mana Scroll can be found in the backyard of the last home on the left after the potion store.

7. Snowy Cap’s Chests

  • Ice Rose — Take a boat to Snowy Caps to reach this location from the dock on Punky Sky island. Investigate the southern wall, to the right of the spawn boat, for the chest’s location.
  • Blizzard in a Bottle – At the bottom of the pillar supporting the piercing of the spawn boat, one tier below.
  • Self Freeze is located on the opposite side of the bridge below.

8. Evergreen Treasure Chests

  • Scroll of the Chaos Strike may be found inside Cave 3, on the rocks that are located between the bridges. You need to drink a couple of haste potions to get there faster.
  • Scroll of Group Healing may be found outside of Cave 3 along the right wall of the boundary.
  • There is a mana scroll at the wall that marks the northern boundary.

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9. Forest Chests Location

  • Virus — At the northern portion of the Forest, adjacent to Blubb’s Castle.
  • The Mini Tree may be found at the forest’s easternmost boundary, just over the bridge.
  • Gravity Islands — On the higher platform, near the Skeleton King’s Tower, located in the southeast corner of the map.
  • The location of Heart Fruit is in the middle of the forest.
  • The Tiki Torch may be found on the beach on the southwestern most tip of the woodland.

10. Exact Location Of Void Chest (Level 100)

After achieving level 100, players may use the Soul Drain ability by entering the Void on the forest’s eastern side. After exiting the portal, go in the left direction and use the haste potion on the ledge to get to the solitary rock that contains the treasure.

11. Location Of Heroe’s Cavern Chest (Level 125)

Once you have reached Level 125, you may get the Soul in a Bottle by entering the Heroes Cavern. It would be best if you leaped through a small opening in the middle of the Slime King’s Forest. Utilizing a Moon potion, look for a chest on the top pillar of a dark platform to the left of the Arsenal shop.

Shadow Fruit – Proceed in a southerly direction and look for a chest that is hidden below the last platform.

Proper Way To Enter Critical Legends Code

Because there aren’t any Critical Legends codes available in the game just yet, the method through which you’ll be able to redeem them is a little bit of a mystery. However, in light of how several other Roblox games handle the process, we have gathered the most likely set of instructions:

  • You may load up Critical Legends by going to the game page on Roblox or using the mobile app.
  • The menu containing player statistics may be accessed by tapping the red sword symbol located to the left of your inventory.
  • You should get a notice that describes your new items if the code is legitimate and functioning correctly. Enjoy!