In this digital era, we have an application for almost every task. People started to utilize several applications to remain inside their houses, buy necessities, play games, and communicate with friends while the pandemic continued.

When it comes to applications, it seems that Indians have a soft spot for social platforms, platforms for short videos, and gaming apps since all three categories of apps have seen significant growth in 2022. But what are the most downloaded apps in 2022? Let us see!

1. TikTok

It should come as no surprise that TikTok is one of the applications that has been downloaded the most in the year 2022. By April of the previous year, the app had racked up more than 2 billion downloads throughout the world. Initially, this app was considered to be an area reserved only for members of Generation Z; however, since lockdown measures are being implemented all over the globe, an increase in the number of users has been seen.

As a growing number of users are confined to their homes and forced to use their mobile devices, they are searching for novel methods to amuse themselves. People of social media are already drawn to video, and when you combine that fact with the intelligence algorithm that TikTok employs, you produce an app that is practically impossible for users to avoid using.

This number is excellent news for marketers, as it indicates that chances for marketing on TikTok are expanding. These opportunities range from the creation of organic content to the purchase of TikTok ads.

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2. Facebook

It should come as no surprise that Facebook, which now holds the title of the best app in the whole globe, is also one of the most popular applications of 2022. People’s need to connect with one another and maintain contact has made Facebook a particularly helpful platform at this period.

Both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store rank Facebook as one of their top 10 most popular applications. According to Statista, it has more downloads than any other app publisher in the whole globe, making it the most popular app publisher overall.

3. Instagram

The Facebook family is complete with the addition of Instagram. This application for sharing photos and videos is one of the most downloaded apps for members of Generation Z and Millennials. Even though the developers of this app choose to keep their statistics confidential, it is reasonable to presume that the app has continued to enjoy the same level of success in 2021 given its widespread use and unchanging ranking in the app stores.

When it comes to marketing, Instagram is an exceptionally beneficial platform. According to Statista, businesses on social media platforms posted an average of 0.7 posts each day in 2018. The app has several chances for marketers to interact with the audiences they are trying to reach via features such as Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, and Instagram TV.

Reels, Instagram’s newest feature, was introduced in the summer of 2020. It is designed to compete directly with TikTok’s popular looping video function, known as “Reels.” It will be fascinating to see how this feature develops over time and how its implementation affects downloads.

4. WhatsApp

In the same vein as staying in contact with others, a significant number of social media applications continued to see an increase in downloads in 2021. Around the world, there are roughly 2 billion people using WhatsApp. Even while WhatsApp may not be as well-known in the United States, it is now the most popular messaging application in every other region in the world.

It makes it possible for companies to maintain communication with their clientele and patrons via the use of tailored messaging, unique promotional possibilities, and other means. Due to the ever-expanding nature of WhatsApp marketing, there are a variety of fascinating marketing chances using WhatsApp.

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5. Zoom

This application, along with a few others that focus on video conferencing, was without a doubt one of the most downloaded apps released over the course of the previous year. Zoom is estimated to have more than 300 million daily users as of April 2020, and the Zoom app had 38 million downloads in only the month of January 2021 alone.

The dilemma brought on by COVID-19 is directly connected to this boom. Zoom was the video-conferencing application of choice for a large number of users throughout the world since they were required to continue working from their homes. Users of Zoom are able to engage in video calls for the purposes of doing business or staying in contact with loved ones.