People used to depend on television programs as their primary source of entertainment long before streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime became popular. Teenagers are less likely to watch television these days. Despite this, children continue to enjoy watching cartoons, which makes this activity a popular hobby for young people.

These days, children may choose from an abundance of different cartoons to watch, but can they all be considered equal quality? To some youngsters, having an overwhelming number of choices may not seem harmful.

Top 8 most popular Indian Cartoon Character

As a result, we have made an effort to choose some of the most popular Indian cartoon characters that will serve as an inspiration for your kids.

1. Motu Patlu

The television program Motu Patlu, which was derived from the well-known comic strip that appeared in the hot pot magazine, is widely regarded as one of the most effective forms of entertainment for young audiences. Because of his name, you can probably guess that Motu is a food enthusiast.

Samosas and other greasy delicacies are Motu’s downfall. Patlu, on the other hand, is lean and has a peculiar personality. Both call the made-up city of Furfuri Nagar their home and make every effort to deal with unexpected developments as they arise. Patlu is the one who saves Motu whenever he finds himself in a sticky situation.

2. Chacha Chaudhary

Chacha Chaudhary was first released in 1971 by Pran Kumar Sharma, also known simply as Pran. The elderly guy known as Chacha Chaudhary has been described as having a “brain that operates quicker than a computer.” The comic was first published in the Hindi magazine Lotpot, which quickly rose to the top of the charts regarding readership.

Chacha Chaudhary can solve riddles and crimes because of his sharp intellect, and he does it with the assistance of a massive extraterrestrial from Jupiter named Sabu. Chachaji, with his trademark turban and walking staff made of wood, epitomizes the stereotypical sage.

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3. Suppandi

The Tinkle comics often include the tales or cartoons associated with Suppandi. Tinkle magazine’s founders did not initially intend or envisage Suppandi while developing the magazine. On the other hand, P. Varadarajan’s tales were the ones that brought him to our attention.

After that, Ram Waeerkar adapted the idea into a comic book style and structure to tell the story. The protagonist is a devoted servant, even though they are very dimwitted and naive. Because of his clumsiness and general lack of brains, he often finds himself in absurdly funny predicaments that have others in fits of laughter.

The Amar Chitra Katha series features the work of comic book artist Ram Waeerkar. In addition to other characters, such as Nasruddin Hodja and Pyarelal, he brought them to life via acting.

4. Shikari Shambu

Tinkle has a character named Shikari Shambu, who is an Indian hunter. This character was developed in 1982 by Vasant Halbe and Luis Fernandes. Shikari Shambu is known for his lazy nature, yet he still gives the impression that he is a fearless hunter to those around him.

Shikari Shambu is a well-liked character that appears in the Tinkle comics. He is known for his signature mustache and dresses like a conventional hunter. His exploits are almost always the result of sheer good fortune.

5. Chhota Bheem

Chota Bheem is a well-known Hindi animation. Hence there is no need to provide an introduction for it. It is widely considered one of the most well-liked cartoon characters among children. Bheem was one of the five Pandavas famous for his bravery, courage, and wisdom.

In the animated series Chota Bheem, the main character, who represents Bheem in his younger years, is a youngster of nine years old. He hides in an imaginary community known as Dholakpur and protects the residents there from any threats that may come their way. The television program describes how Bheem and his pals bravely confront challenges and ultimately emerge triumphant.

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6. Birbal

The lives of the natural monarch Akbar and his minister Birbal serve as the inspiration for the television drama Akbar and Birbal. Birbal was considered the wisest of all the wise men who served in Akbar’s court. The stories told about Akbar and Birbal have captivated audiences all around the world throughout history.

Birbal, the guy with a quick wit, has to handle complex scenarios thrown in front of King Akbar during the performance. The manner in that Birbal unfurls each facet of the scenario as he manages it is entertaining for children to observe. This program is not only entertaining but also beneficial to the intellectual development of youngsters since it teaches them new things.

7. Feluda

One of the well-known fictional characters in the state of West Bengal is Feluda, who has been included in many books and short tales in Bengali. Feluda is a fictitious private investigator and not quite a cartoon character simultaneously. In the model of Sherlock Holmes, he is often helped by his cousin Topshe on various investigations, and these cases are based on actual events.

Satyajit Ray first developed the Feluda series, widely regarded as one of the best storytellers. The series has since been adapted for various media, including cinema, television, cartoons, and radio.

8. Tenali Raman

Tenali Raman is a trendy character. After being shown on Cartoon Network, this show from India quickly rose to the top of the ratings worldwide. In Indian folk tales, comics, and cartoons, Tenali Raman is a figure who served as a courtier in the realm of King Krishnadevaraya.

The adventures that Tenali Raman goes on serve as the basis for the program, which is intended to be entertaining and educational.