The Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) has, throughout its history, introduced and then abandoned a large number of game mechanics that were once extremely important. The Lost Zone is one of these older game mechanics that is being brought back by the Lost Origin expansion.

Here we will list down some of the most powerful cards in Pokemon Lost Origin card list!

1. Hisuian Goodra VSTAR

Even though the Hisuian Goodra VSTAR Secret Rare is currently positioned at the very bottom of the list, the price is reasonable when considering the capabilities it possesses. Hisuian Goodra has only one attack, yet with it, it can one-hit-kill the vast majority of Pokemon of lesser levels with just one blow, and then it shields itself by preventing the following 80 damage it would receive.

Hisuian Goodra, like all other VSTAR Pokemon, has a unique VSTAR Power; however, players are only allowed to employ one VSTAR Power during the whole battle, regardless of how many Pokemon they have in their deck that have VSTAR powers. Be sure to put that newfound ability to heal to good use!

2. Giratina V (Full Art)

The Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) welcomes back Giratina with the release of Giratina V. This card, which is the Full Art version of the card, features the fancy textured foiling that collectors covet. The first attack that Giratina V may perform gives you the ability to examine the top four cards of your library, after which you can put two of those cards into each of your hands and your Lost Zone.

This helps provide you with a means of drawing those potent Lost Zone cards that could be buried somewhere in your deck. Additionally, it raises the total number of cards in your Lost Zone, allowing the aforementioned strategies to better take advantage of the mechanic.

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3. Hisuian Zoroark VSTAR Hisuian Zoroark

An additional card from the Hisuian region, the Hisuian Zoroark VSTAR Secret Rare is a gold rare card that possesses a great deal of class. This stunning card is decorated in many pink tones, as well as black and white.

This Pokemon has the ability Phantom Star, which allows players to discard their hands and draw a brand new one. This ability functions similarly to the Professor’s Research ability, which can be used once per game. The attack used by Hisuian Zoroark is somewhat more situational, but if it is executed correctly, it is capable of packing a significant punch.

4. Colress’s Experiment

The majority of the time, when a full-art Supporter card makes it onto one of these lists, we can attribute it to Pokémon fans’ appreciation of the feminine form. Colress’s Experiment is just a really good Supporter in Lost Zone decks, which is the case in this particular scenario. Because it is a full-art Supporter, competitive demand has caused the price of every version of the card to rise, including this one, which die-hard collectors wanted regardless of whether or not it was a full-art Supporter. even though Colress is just a low-level member of Team Plasma, she has an impressive cowlick.

5. Lost Vacuum

The Lost Zone allows you to draw cards and search for energy, but it also gives you the ability to cause some significant disruption. You have the ability, through Lost Vacuum, to discard a Tool or Stadium that is currently in play. This can force your opponent to wait for at least one turn, depending on how dependent their deck is on cards of this type.

As of right now, Choice Belt is an essential component of Standard play in the Pokémon competitive scene, and Path to the Peak continues to be one of the more prominent Stadiums in the format, which means that Lost Vacuum has a wide variety of opponents to choose from.

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6. Rotom V

There is a tonne of cute small easter eggs hidden throughout the artwork that can be discovered on the Rotom V Alternate Full Art edition, which makes it an absolute joy to look at. The little Ghost-type Plasma Pokemon, Rotom, can possess a variety of different appliances, and these appliances can be found strewn about the cluttered room.

Mow Rotom has a lawnmower, Wash Rotom has a washing machine, Fridge Rotom has a refrigerator, and Fan Rotom has an electric fan. Heat Rotom has a microwave oven. Wash Rotom has a washing machine. Fridge Rotom has a refrigerator. In keeping with the overall motif, Rotom’s Scrap Short attack can also fill up your Lost Zone, at the same time that it clears out your discard pile of Pokemon Tools and deals additional damage.

7. Giratina Gold Rare

Giratina, which debuted in Generation IV, is the third and final member of the Creation Trio, which also includes Dialga and Palkia. She is the embodiment of antimatter, which, according to the lore surrounding Pokémon, is the third and final fundamental principle of reality, after space and time.

Giratina is typically cast as the antagonist in the Pokémon games in which it makes an appearance. While many people have a soft spot for a scoundrel, the peculiar and otherworldly appearance of Giratina makes it difficult for fans to form strong emotional connections with the Pokémon. It would be difficult to identify Giratina as the “evil” member of the Creation Trio if it weren’t for the color scheme it uses. It does not seem that any of them are cute.

Despite Giratina’s peculiar physical appearance, all six Giratina cards in Lost Origin have amassed some impressive prices since they were released. That might be because there isn’t much rivalry inside the main set, in addition to the sluggish sales of Lost Origin. It’s also possible that players are excited to use the Star Requiem attack and one-shot Arceus VSTAR, or that Pokémon fans have a deep affection for a Pokémon that is canonically too dangerous to exist in this world.

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8. Comfey

Not only can Item cards like Corless’s Experiment and Lost Vacuum be used to fill up the Lost Zone, but Pokémon can also participate in this process. Almost immediately after the release of Lost Origin, Comfey established itself as an essential component of Lost Zone-centric decks. Through the Flower Selecting ability of this creature, you have the opportunity to draw two cards and put one of them into the Lost Zone.

Because Flower Selecting is an ability and not an attack, using it does not cause you to lose control of the game at the end of your turn. Comfey can be used multiple times if you attach an Air Balloon to it, use Flower Selecting, then retreat and retrieve another Comfey from your bench. In this manner, a full playset of four Comfeys can very quickly activate a Giratina, Cramorant, Sableye, or any other attackers that require a full Lost Zone. This also applies to any other attackers that require a full Lost Zone.