Spanish is widely regarded as one of the most romantic languages. There are countless romantic background tunes available. Whether you are of Spanish descent or not, you may understand the power of these songs.

Spanish music is known for its passion and romance. Its sorrowful music is just as beautiful, if not better: full of longing and whatever else you feel when you’re lonely or your heart has been stomped on.

Here’s a list of some of the saddest Spanish songs that you need to listen to during a major heartbreak!

1. Te Amo: Franco De Vita

This is a love song that should be on everyone’s playlist. It’s a song from the 1980s that celebrates the sensation of love. The calm yet the upbeat song is highly popular at weddings because it perfectly suits the occasion. If you’re making a love playlist, start with Te Amo.

2. Amor Eterno: Juan Gabriel

“Amor Eterno” translates to “Eternal Love,” and it is a traditional Spanish love ballad. It features a minor progression to set the song’s sorrowful tone. It’s a passionate love ballad in which Juan laments the loss of his love. He sings of wishing her eyes would never close and wishing he could spend more time with her.

He describes how he’s overwhelmed with sorrow now that he’s all alone. She was his lone love, and he will love no one else for the rest of his life, waiting for his death to rejoin her. It’s a moving and powerful tune, shut in by his voice, which portrays true melancholy.

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3. Te Para Tres: Soda Stereo

The song begins with a lovely acoustic fingerstyle, followed by a great violin part and percussion. The beginning is very stunning. This song, written by Gustavo Cerati, is about a very terrible time in his life when he, his mother, and her spouse learned that his stepfather had cancer. It is a blues-styled song rather than classical Spanish, which we believe fits the song’s topic better. It is rightfully regarded as one of the saddest Spanish melodies.

4. Ojala: Silvio Rodriguez

This mournful piece begins with a lovely fingerstyle in harmonic minor. It’s a song about heartbreak. Silvio complains about a girl who can’t be his. He feels hurt by the girl; he wants to forget her but can’t; he despises her but still loves her; it’s a confusing emotion.

He hopes for death so he won’t see her again, and he wishes for her and his memories to be wiped so he won’t be harmed again. It’s a pretty gloomy tune, yet it’s also hauntingly beautiful.

5. El Triste: Jose Jose

This one is a little more energetic and rhythmic. It’s a song about leaving your significant partner. He doesn’t know what to do with his life anymore; everything appears to be empty, and he describes how he had to say goodbye when they were the closest.

After that, everything appears flat and uninteresting. People used to nickname him “the sad one” because he was always moping over her. With lyrics like those, it had to be included in my list of the saddest Spanish songs.

6. Alfonsina Y El Mar: Mercedes Sosa

In the backdrop of a sorrowful and powerful song, a solemn classical guitar resonates. This song will move you even if you don’t understand the lyrics. This song was created as a homage to Alfonsina, a poet who committed suicide at sea. This is a really dark theme.

The song dives into how much she must have endured in order to commit suicide. She had had chemotherapy and was campaigning for women’s rights when she decided to commit herself by jumping into the sea.

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7. Mana: El Reloj Cucu

The tone of this gentle tune is created by a gently played cajón and ukulele. The male and female voices work quite nicely together. Because this song is about the artist’s deceased father, it is certainly one of the saddest Spanish songs.

They recall how their father kissed them goodnight as the cuckoo clock struck twelve. The cuckoo clock is now ringing, but there is no father. In his remembrance, their mother tears in secret at night.

8. Mi Viejo: Vicente Fernandez

This has a traditional tango beat to it. This song is a tribute to his father. He says he loves his father and thinks he’s a decent man, but he doesn’t get close to him since they’re so different.

Now he only observes his father’s agony as he becomes older, weaker, and more alone. His voice is quite powerful and expresses grief here. He claims that he is his blood and that he will carry him on. This song is one of the best sad Spanish songs!

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9. No Te Apartes De Mi: Vicentico

It opens with an energetic, rhythmic ukulele opening that has a few light undertones. They sing it as a duet, and their vocals mesh really beautifully. Translation of the song’s title: “Don’t leave me.” This song is about shared love and describes how, despite their best efforts, they are unable to live without one another. They sing about how lonely one of them would feel if the other weren’t there to complete them.

10. Corre: Jesse Y Joy

As the singer talks about love, a gentle, sad piano melody is playing in the background, then the guitar joins in. She sings about how their connection has changed and how his hugs no longer feel as warm, she feels distant from him and thinks he sees her in a new way.

She exclaims, “Run, run heart, you were always the faster one,” meaning that she feels unbalanced in the relationship and left behind and unable to catch up to him, which might be seen as a sign that he doesn’t care enough about her. She claims she won’t ever cry for him, even after everything that has happened.


You should occasionally take language into consideration as well. It will imply something to play music in the person’s native tongue if English wasn’t their first language. Spanish is an example of this. There are a lot of moving songs composed in Spanish, so you have a lot of options. Spanish music might not be known to you if it isn’t your native language.