When you go out drinking with friends, you not only get to enjoy the company of the people you care about most, but you also get to have fun in the jokes and pranks that only true friends can pull on each other. This makes for a really enjoyable experience. However, there are occasions when even drinking with friends may get dull. This is especially true if you get together to drink almost every week and there is nothing fresh left to speak about.

Drinking game apps are a simple way to break up monotonous situations. Since the beginning of time, people all over the globe have enjoyed participating in various drinking games. But due to the advancement in mobile applications, now there are various drinking game apps that you could download and play for free with your friends.

Top 8 drinking games you must try

Here’s a list of some of the best drinking games that you need to try with your friends!

1. Picolo

Picolo is a simple drinking game that can be played on mobile devices running Android as well as iOS. The fact that this game has straightforward rules that are easy to comprehend, carry out, and keep in one’s head is without a doubt its strongest feature.

The participants are required to enter their names into the app at the beginning of the game, after which they must follow the directions that are shown on the screen. This game has a plethora of humorous tasks, and you even have the opportunity to add challenges of your own to the mix to make it a more engaging experience for players. People who do not want to overcomplicate things and want a pastime that is straightforward and enjoyable will find that Picolo is an excellent game to play.

Download it for Android & iOS

2. iPuke

The application known as iPuke is widely considered to be among the greatest drinking games now available for mobile devices. This game contains straightforward instructions, and there is no restriction on the number of people that may participate in it. The rules of iPuke involve selecting the total number of people who are going to participate in the game and then picking one card from a variety of card decks that are included inside the app itself.

The objective of the game is for you to either carry out the strange request that is written on the card or down the number of shots that are written on the card. Even the shyest people may become more outgoing with the assistance of this game, not to mention the intoxicated.

Download it for Android & iOS

3. King’s Cup

The King’s Cup is one of several drinking game applications that include cards with instructions printed on them. These cards are used in the game. The only thing you need to do is choose a card from the circle of available cards that are shown on the screen, and then carry out the instructions that are printed on the card’s face.

On the other hand, it enables you to personalize the playing cards and adjust their attributes to suit your preferences. You can manually enter your own rules and challenges, as well as modify the color of the cards that are shown on the screen. When it comes to straightforward but entertaining applications for drinking games, this one checks all of the boxes.

Download it for Android & iOS

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4. Trinks- Quiz Party

Users of Android and iOS may participate in the trivia party game known as Trinks. Every participant enters a live game and competes against one another to get points by successfully answering questions in the shortest amount of time. Get a question incorrectly, and you’ll lose a point.

You only need to convert the points into drinks, and you’ve got yourself a highly entertaining drinking game. In addition, you can turn chores on or off based on the sort of night that you want to have.

Download it for Android & iOS

5. Drunk Potato

The business Prodigal Creative LLC is responsible for developing the mobile video game known as Drunk Potato, which is available for use on the iOS and Android operating systems. It is a game that gives you a game that is not only enjoyable but also has a rapid pace, and it is a game that puts a twist on the traditional notion of Hot Potato.

This application now includes a list of questions, each of which will be presented to you in a different order. However, you will need to respond to all of them as fast as you can. It is a wonderful and straightforward game that will make drinking parties with your pals a lot more entertaining than they already are.

Download it for Android & iOS

6. King of Booze

The app “King of Booze” is a drinking game that contains a lot of different truth questions, challenges, and opportunities for user-defined challenge input, all of which contribute to the game’s widespread popularity.

You can play it with as many as 14 people at once, and it features more than 220 choices and challenges, three distinct game modes, 200 truth fields, support for a gamepad, forty stylish avatars from which you can choose, and 500 spaces for inputting your custom challenges. It is an excellent game.

Download it for Android

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7. Drinkie

Drinkie is the ideal game for those who like social gatherings and offers an experience that combines the most important aspects of a variety of well-known drinking games into a single activity. It is a game that is suitable for every event, and it has a wide variety of individualized questions that add to the excitement of actually playing the game.

Download it for Android & iOS

8. Cultura Chupistica

Another drinking game app, Cultura Chupistica was created by AHBGames for users of the android and iOS operating systems. It is a social game app that is pleasant to play and is based on general and cultural knowledge; the rules that are defined will determine how to play the game.

It is an incredible application for video games that allows you to effortlessly play online games with either your friends or random players. This is a fun party game in which you may enjoy doling out a lot of verbal and physical abuse to one another. You can play the game for free, or you can pay for premium options with additional content.

Download it for Android & iOS