Fish and certain other dietary sources both contain omega-3 fatty acids. Fish is the most common source. Even if the results of studies show that consuming a diet high in omega-3 fatty acids may have positive effects on health, experts are less clear about the efficacy of omega-3 supplementation.

If you are in good health and do not have an elevated risk of developing heart disease, eating a well-balanced diet that contains fish may provide you with the necessary quantities of omega-3 fatty acids.

You may benefit from taking a fish oil supplement if you do not consume fish, have high levels of triglycerides (fat in the blood), have recently had a heart attack, or have chronic heart failure.

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Is Omega-3 Supplement Beneficial?

If you belong to one of the categories that are described below, you should talk to a medical professional about using Omega-3 supplements:

  • People who have chronic heart failure: People who have heart failure and limited left ventricular function may benefit from taking fish oil supplements. One gramme of EPA and DHA may be obtained via fish or fish oil supplements which is recommended for those who have cardiovascular disease.
  • Those who are recovering from a heart attack: If you have just had a heart attack, using fish oil supplements may be beneficial to your recovery. However, it is essential to keep in mind that evidence does not support taking fish oil supplements for the prevention of heart attacks in individuals who already have heart disease; this benefit is only shown in persons who have just recovered from a heart attack.
  • People suffering from dry eye illness: A analysis of 17 research published in 2019 found that taking omega-3 supplement reduced the severity of dry eye symptoms in patients suffering from dry eye disease.
  • People who do not consume fish: You may want to think about using algal oil supplements if you do not consume fish whether you are on a vegetarian diet, vegan diet, have an allergy to fish, or just do not enjoy fish.

These vegan supplements may help you satisfy your omega-3 requirements. However, further research is required before EPA and DHA supplementation recommendations can be made for vegetarians and vegans.

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Best Omega-3 Supplement To Consider

1. GNC Triple Strength Fish Oil Mini

The aftertaste of the GNC Triple Strength Fish Oil minis is not fishy, despite the product containing a high dosage of fish oil in only two little softgels. They have an enteric coating, which means that they are covered in a substance that enables a delayed release of the oils, which contributes to the preservation of a flavourless profile.

In addition to not having an unpleasant aftertaste, one other thing that we enjoy about GNC fish oil supplements is that they come in a more convenient quantity. Softgels containing fish oil are often rather big, ranging in size from half an inch to more than an inch, which may be difficult for some individuals to swallow.

The GNC Triple Strength Fish Oil Little supplements come in a more convenient mini size, which makes it simpler to include them into your routine.

2. Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Liquid

When it comes to fish oil supplements, Nordic Naturals has been a tried-and-true brand for a very long time. We like that the firm includes a Certificate of Analysis with each purchase. This document shows that the product in question has been examined by an independent laboratory to determine whether or not it contains any heavy metals or pollutants.

In addition to all of these benefits, using Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Liquid is simple since the recommended dosage is just one liquid teaspoon each day.

3. Wild Foods Wild Fish Oil

If you are not a fan of taking supplements in the form of tablets, Wild Fish Oil is available in a liquid form with a reduced dosage of fish oil. We appreciate that ConsumerLab has conducted tests on Wild Fish Oil and that it has been awarded certification by Friend of the Sea. This supplement is scented with lemon, rosemary, and vanilla, which helps prevent it from having a fishy taste. This is another thing that we enjoy about it.

4. DEVA Vegan Omega-3 DHA-EPA

You may be asking how you can get enough omega-3 fats into your diet if you are a vegan, a vegetarian, or if you have an allergy to fish. The good news is that fish get their omega-3 fats via the consumption of plankton, and plankton acquires their omega-3 fats through the consumption of algae.