Bat Pokemon is famous for its intuitive design and combat skills. They can be found in maze-like caves and while exploring the dark. Collecting bat Pokemon is always fun and adventurous.

As we advance in this article, we will go through the list of the most popular bat Pokemon that you could collect right away!

Best Bat Pokémon Analyzed & Ranked

1. Golbat

The first Pokémon on our list is Golbat, which happens to be one of the rare instances in which developing a Pokémon makes it seem less impressive than it initially did. In the original 151, this Poison/Flying-type character was transformed from Zubat’s basic look to something right out of a comic strip. 

It comes complete with a massive mouth, a pair of meaningless eyes, and strange feet. It’s just an unusual creature. Even in battle, it isn’t nearly as effective as it might be to justify the alteration until it reaches its complete form.

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2. Crobat

Compared to Golbat, Crobat’s design is more aerodynamic and rational in its overall construction. In addition, this character can learn to fly in most games, allowing him to transport you from town to town on your adventure. 

This Pokémon will fly down and drain your blood without realizing it because of its super-fast and tranquil movement style. What a smooth criminal you have there!

3. Noivern

After a few adventures and a slew of conflicts, your Noibat will transform into Noirvern, a dragon-like creature with a voracious appetite for flesh and many other dragon-like characteristics. 

Not only that, but with its incredible speed and overall strong attacking powers, it will be able to subjugate and eat the majority of little Pokémon. Even though you will no longer be able to go around the Unova area without being attacked by furious crowds who believe that you and your friend ate all of the local children, you will have a powerful friend in combat.

4. Zubat

The original bat Pokemon from the first generation has long been a mainstay of Pokémon memes, even before the term “meme” came to describe them. These jerks may be found anywhere! 

Every inch of every cave in the Johto and Kanto regions has been infiltrated, whether under your bed, under your table, in the neighbour’s garage fridge, or anywhere else. The design of Zubat, like that of Noibat, is heavily influenced by the concept of echolocation.

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5. Lunala

It’s difficult not to be impressed by Lunala’s graceful and regal appearance. It is the ultimate form of Cosmog in Pokemon Moon, making it one of only two legendaries in the game to have gone through an actual evolution sequence. 

This strangely bat-shaped monster can do incredible feats of strength by channelling the moon’s light. It can even literally pretend to be the moon by unleashing all of the energy that has been built up in its body. 

It is referred to as a divine “Emissary of the Moon” in the Alola area, where it was first discovered. Lunala is one of the most intriguing sweepers among the legendary-level Pokemon since she is a psychic/ghost-type with a robust Special Attack.

Knowing The Most Popular Bat Pokemon

Even though the bat-inspired species are not among the most well-known in the series, their place within it has been extraordinary. They were often used as members of the bad guys’ teams, and they quickly rose to the top of the list as the most famous adversaries.