Every nation has its own set of preconceived notions and conventions regarding the fashion industry. The reputation of Russian women, in particular, as being fashion-conscious and well-dressed has grown considerably over the years. This preconceived notion didn’t exactly spring out of thin air.

These days, Russians make up a significant proportion of the modeling and fashion design industries in all areas of the globe. That, as you may have guessed, implies that there are also many bloggers, models, and influencers nowadays.

Top 8 Russian fashion bloggers

Going forward in this article, we will see who is the best Russian fashion blogger in New York; worth your time!

1. Karina Nigay

Karina Nigay is the best Russian fashion blogger in New York! Karina is now recognized as one of Russia’s most influential fashion bloggers. Karina posts videos on YouTube and uses Instagram to highlight some of her life experiences. Karina works with the Russian edition of Vogue. She has participated in several prestigious fashion events, such as the fashion weeks in Paris and Milan.

2. Yana Fisti

Yana is an enormous fashion enthusiast who avidly pursues all of the newest fashion trends and is constantly current on any news about the business. Yana is another well-known fashion celebrity from Russia, and she has amassed approximately 600 thousand followers on Instagram. In addition to being a blogger, she works as a real-life fashion stylist.

Follow Yana if you want to learn how a major Russian influencer evaluates the ` recent news and trends in the fashion business. She is certainly someone you should follow if you are interested in this topic.

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3. Marie Novosad

As she is affectionately known to her readers, Masha is a blogger who writes about beauty and fashion. She has a large following on YouTube, and she utilizes the platform to discuss topics such as her beauty regimen, the experiences from her day-to-day life, and her perspectives on many aspects of life. As a result, the audience may anticipate a wealth of advice on what to dress and how to do Masha’s daily beauty regimen.

4. Tina Sizonova

Tina brings a more personal touch to her writing than most other bloggers, and her tale is undoubtedly unique. Initially, she did not have any significant expertise working in the fashion sector; nonetheless, she began writing a blog about fashion to divert her attention from her less exciting day job.

On the other hand, Tina’s rise to prominence attracted the fashion industry’s attention. She has worked with various businesses, including Bevza, Kamenskaya Kononova, Korner, MustHave, Suitster, Candys, and Youareamazing. Her website also stands apart because of its creator’s robust and well-informed comments. For example, she never states that a specific design is successful or unsuccessful; instead, she always explains why.

5. Angela Arutyunyan

This young lady is an absolute guru when it comes to the world of fashion. Angela started her career as a writer, then transitioned into the modeling industry. She uses social media to communicate her professional insights into beauty events, trends, and fashion secrets with her audience. Angela splits her time between Moscow, New York, and Budapest.

As a result, readers of her blog can get a glimpse of how the Russian aesthetic maintains its distinctive qualities even while she is moving around the world and interacting with people from various backgrounds. Angela’s other significant interests, from fashion and keeping up with the most recent developments, are the world’s oceans and seas.

As a direct consequence of these hobbies, Angela has developed a fashion sense that is heavily affected by them; many dresses she has designed for herself resemble waves or the movement of flowing water.

6. Anna Midday

Anna Midday hails from Russia, is a significant figure in the fashion world, and comes last on our list. She has almost eight years of expertise in the business and maintains a monthly blog in which she discusses fashion and travel.

Anna’s blog discusses not just fashion but also harmony, how to search for happiness, and the question of what it means to be beautiful in our world of Instagram fashionistas. This influencer doesn’t simply post visually appealing photographs for her audience; she also takes the time to craft a narrative to go along with each shot and outfit. Anna details her thoughts and emotions and offers fashion advice and insight into her unique Russian personality.

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7. Natasya Samburskaya

Natasya Samburskaya is a very renowned Russian fashion blogger in New York. At MBFW Russia, she started the runway show for Bella Potemkina, even though she is best known for her role as a star on the popular television program “Univer.” Natasya Samburskaya is 30 years old and most known for acting, and she is also a fashionista. Additionally, Samburskaya is a singer, and she has been releasing songs since the year 2012.

8. Maxim Lavrov

Maxim Lavrov started his fashion blog in 2009, and in the years since then, it has skyrocketed to the top of the list of the most popular fashion blogs in Russia. In 2012, Lavrov established himself in New York City and started working as a fashion correspondent for a television network broadcasting in Russian. He blogs about his experiences living in the big city and his passion for looking and dressing well.

The blog Lavrov maintains is filled with information that may be useful to aspiring and established fashion designers. He also covers news and events associated with the Russian fashion business on his blog, which has been very helpful in promoting Russian designers in other countries. In addition, Maxim is often invited to speak as a guest at various fashion events held across the city.

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The Upshot

Being a fashion blogger in Russia comes with various obstacles to overcome. There is a shortage of trustworthy information on the state of the Russian fashion sector in countries outside of Russia. Furthermore, many Russians do not have access to high-quality items or runway events, so they are forced to depend on third-party sources such as the fashion bloggers discussed.

Last but not least, there is the problem of conveying complicated developments in a manner that is intelligible to an international audience. Nevertheless, despite these obstacles, the fashion bloggers whose names are mentioned above continue to influence the fashion industry by conducting interviews and posting blogs.