With so much going on behind the hood of Skyrim, you may get your hands dirty with the game’s features by experimenting with Skyrim console commands and hacks in the game’s developer console.

You may accomplish missions instantly, travel across the realm, and even access spells that were never included in the final edition of the game with a few simple words. You may use the Skyrim console commands to speed over parts of the game or significantly modify your character.

So, let us see how to use the Skyrim console commands and a list of some of the most useful console commands!

How To Use Skyrim Console Commands?

You can input Skyrim console commands by hitting the tilde (~) key. To do so, press the tilde key twice, which will open the developer console, where you have to enter the numerous command codes that we will list below. 

Press the tilde key once again to dismiss the console and return to the game. It should be noted that entering the same code a second time will turn it off. While you can enter multiple codes simultaneously and stack up to different effects, you should be cautious about breaking things.

Using some of the console commands can cause glitches, mess up ongoing storylines or saves, or even crash your game entirely, so make a backup save and keep it separate before you start messing around. 

Achievements will also be deactivated as soon as you begin inputting these codes, so you will not be able to cheat your way through any tasks, which is disappointing.

Top Skyrim Console Commands

  • tgm: God Mode (you have complete invincibility and unlimited stamina).
  • tim: Immortal mode (you may take damage but will not die).
  • tcl: Walkthrough walls and fly.
  • showracemenu: This menu allows you to access the character creator and customise the look of your character.
  • Player.resethealth: Resets your health to its original value right away.
  • psb: Access to every magic spell.
  • player.advlevel: This command will raise your player level by one, but you will not get a perk point.
  • player.setlevel #:  Replace the number # with the level you want to assign to your player.
  • Player.setscale #: Replace # with your character’s height, which should be between 0.1 and 10. 
  • advskill SKILLID #: In this case, replace SkillID with the skill you’re modifying and # with the percentage you’re modifying it by.
  • addshout ShoutID: Replace ShoutID with the name of the shout you’d want to include.
  • player.addperk PerkID: If you wish to add a new benefit, replace PerkID with its corresponding ID.
  • player.additem ItemsID #: Replace ItemsID with the item ID of the item you want to include in your inventory and # with the quantity of that item you want to include in your inventory.

Use Skyrim Console Commands To Help You Out

With all of the Skyrim hacks and console commands available, you should be able to find a plethora of new things to explore and whole new ways to enjoy the game. 
You may skip the levels of the game that you’ve already played or the levels that you find boring. You may accomplish anything with Skyrim console commands because there is one command for almost every character trait or modification. We hope this article on Skyrim console commands helps you in your next Skyrim quest!