Tales of Grimm is a game that is based on well-known fairy tales from across the world. The plot of the game revolves around a group of people known as Dreamers who make it their mission to rid the Land of Oz of the evil black magic that transforms everyone who lives there into demons.

One of the things that makes the game itself intriguing is the fact that the majority of the legendary figures that you will be collaborating with in battle are drawn from well-known legends. If you are a beginner, then we will tell you about the Tales of Grimm tier list, and we will rank characters according to their statistics and skills to help you decide which characters to include in your party.

Overview Of Characters

Swift is the finest warrior in tier SS, whereas Prince Charm is the best warrior in tier SS, and Yuri Schnee is the strongest warrior in tier S. When it comes to warriors, Ali is considered to be of tier A, whereas Prince Adam is considered to be of tier B.

In tier SS, Shahryar is the most notable guardian, while in tier S, Quasi Mortal is the greatest one. Federn ranks in tier S, and Bean Sage ranks in tier B. The guardian Hookhand may be found at tier C. Wonder Allish is the most powerful mage at the tier SS level, whereas Queen Lilith is the most powerful mage at the tier S level. The Caraboose is a Tier A monster, whereas the Wicked Hag is a Tier B monster.

Nightmare Ella is the most prominent character in the tier S category, while Mad Granny is the greatest support character in the tier SS category. In tier A, Bremen functions as a supporting character.

Guide To Tales Of Grimm Tier List

We have supplied you with some of the top heroes according to the tier list; nevertheless, the tier list is merely a rating of heroes alone; when combined with other heroes in the right way, any hero has the potential to be powerful and helpful.

1. 1 Guardian, 2 Warriors, 1 Mage, 1 Support

When you wish to put your attention on the offensive, you should choose this configuration. The following heroes are advised for use in this formation:

If you use Triton as your guardian, his second ability, Neptune Aid, can cover your ally who has the highest attack stats. As a result, you will have a damage dealer who is well-protected, and you won’t have to worry about your damage dealer being eliminated from the fight too quickly.

The Red Queen’s passive ability, “Weakness,” is very effective in identifying the vulnerabilities of her foes. Her strike also has a 20% chance to burn the adversary, and when paired with their first ability, Blade Fury, which does significant damage to foes in the front and middle rows and also provides her another 50% chance to burn the enemy, she has a total of a 70% chance to burn the opponent.

Additionally, the enemy guardian takes an additional 40% damage from this strike.
In addition, Wukong is an excellent candidate for the role of the other fighter. Wukong’s ultimate ability, Clone Combo, can conjure up several clones that strike the foe directly in front of him. If the foe is destroyed using this ability, he will immediately attempt to heal himself and then launch another assault.

Britney’s Apple Bomb skill is a skill where Britney throws three apple bombs that target three enemies in front and mid-row, dealing 100% magic damage, and the explosion of this attack will deal another 20% increased damage if the enemy has HP that is greater than 60%. It is recommended that Mage take Britney into your formation.

Britney’s Apple Bomb skill is a skill where Britney throws three apple bombs that target three enemies in front and mid-row. Thumbelina, her most advanced ability, is the help you will need in this situation. Mind Burst is an essential ability that must be included in the formation. When Thumbelina uses her ultimate ability, she will heal all teammates for 112% of her attack, and she will provide a shield to the ally in her party who has the fewest remaining health points.

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2. Two Guardians, Two Warriors & One Mage

Team two consists of two guardians, two warriors, and one mage. The purpose of this configuration is to strike a balance between attack and defense. It is recommended that you use this formation with the second lineup formation since it allows you to position two guardian heroes in front of the formation while positioning one mage toward the back of the formation. The sole aspect of the formation that requires your attention is the guardians, and the following guardians are advised for use in this formation:

As a result of Quasi Mortal’s Void Protection, the target of an attack taken by Quasi Mortal has a fifty percent chance of being burned. The attacker will suffer a loss of health equal to 7% of Quasi Mortal’s maximum health if they are affected by the Flaming condition. By using his third ability, Flame Shield, the Frog Prince can transform his flaming magic into a shield, thereby augmenting his defense by 30 percent and producing a flame shield for himself.

Flame Shield is not just a status effect, but it also causes the target to take 20% of the damage that Frog Prince does to them. As for the warriors, you can select anyone that you believe is appropriate for the formation and deals a high amount of damage; however, for the mage, you need to decide whether you want a mage with support and damage skills or whether you want the mage to deal extra damage.

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Final Thoughts

Players frequently commit the error of placing too much importance on the existing tier list, which causes anxiety on their part when they are unable to field certain heroes due to a lack of availability. The heroes on this tier list are indeed, for the most part, powerful heroes and must-haves; however, this is not always the case. If you have a solid understanding of the heroes, enough level, and sufficient equipment, you can build your formation.